December 2019, Statue of liberty, statue of beauty  and rising powers were all at good terms. But COVID-19 pandemic created chaos not at national but globally as well. Where some states are trying to save lives of million same times some states get the best chance to meet the desire. The world economy, the title of superpower, and global alliance are shifting. Irrespective COVID-19 pandemic, China is making a bigger mover in internal relations and international politics. China and America support different code of rule and the biggest opponents in international markets. But it seems like China is taking advantage of America’s deteriorating situation.

If we go through last year’s flashbacks, it seems, it has been ages since we live a normal life. When COVID-19 unharmed and bubbled in Wuhan. A pandemic in a home represented China Leadership how they controlled pandemic so soon. Their great leadership infuses a soul of hope in people.

They were accused of covering up the early outbreak there was a lot of public anger. But now China is back. And it seems not letting this moment of global crises go to waste. Demonstrations are on Hong Kong streets again. If there is a global pandemic and if it can be used for the advancements of the Chinese national interest, why would the party not do so?

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Back in February, there was fury on Chinese social media over the government handling and possible cover-up of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan China. Dr. Li Wenling censored by the authorities in Wuhan after raising the alarm back in December.

There can be doubting just how a sensitive moment. This now is for China ruling communist party. Weeks later and a different scene by how the virus was global pandemic.  And China wanted everyone to see that it was now riding to the rescue while in America WHO, China President Xi Jinping pledged a whopping two billion dollars to help countries to deal with the virus.

 But it’s not just COVID-19 that china is now on the front foot.  It’s chosen this moment to push a new security law in Hong Kong reigniting street protests calculating perhaps that the world would be too preoccupied to react.

China Involvement around the world Map:

China map
China map

The usual suspect that would speak for Hong Kong was on their knees because of COVID-19 dependent on China for PPE (Personal protective equipment).

It is perfect in terms of the international setting for the Chinese government to push a hard time for Hong Kong and they took advantage of that.  

China’s action in Hong Kong did trigger a significant international response but Beijing has been flexible its muscles elsewhere too.

It’s been asserting itself in the South China Sea where Beijing claim using the so-called nine-dash line has for decades put it at odds with many of its neighbors in April it declares two new administrative districts on the disputed island where it’s been building military basis.

Further south Chinese vessel harassed a Malaysia oil explosion ship. It is a part of ongoing effort to prevent Malaysia and Vietnam from developing their gas and oil project and further afield still old border disputed with India has once again flared up. None of these problems are new. They are a familiar hot button for Beijing 


So why china does seems to think it has more freedom to act now. It’s not only that everybody else is being distracted. Everybody else is being weakened. Much of the rest of the world were laid low by COVID-19 and Chinese come out of it better faster through. It has very decisive action. And of course, they would take advantage of that.

Again why wouldn’t they?

Reinvigorated decisive China and a distracted weakened west when it comes to this crippling global emergency; China was first in and first out.

This must be now clear for existing and existed superpowers; it is time to shift alliance and economy. Weakened west may not able to compete in rising Asia. This pandemic proves devastated for some but benefitted for others.  Since the development of consensus, human instinct was about survival and power. One who has the power to rule mankind? History witnessed how a man is a hunger for power. Soon, the world is going to reorder.


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