Excuse and explanation are two different words with distinct actions. They are not confused but often misunderstood. One thinks someone is maybe giving an excuse while he explains. The dictionary unveils excuses meaning as justification, alibi or defense while as an explanation is called as enlightening account or clarification. Despite understood facts, we often made excuse rather than explaining. Improper expression of behavioral gestures can disrupt inter-personal relations as well as a professional job. We defend when we should explain. These wrong gestures can disturb your work aurora.

Life is a land of gratitude and trust. We take personal responsibility and it is our biggest goal to accomplish responsibility with all consciousness and effort. When we make effort to wrong our right, we need explanation not excuse. When we are accountable we need to give a suitable explanation instead of defending an excuse. An excuse with a lack of justification brings negative outcomes from the rest of humans.

The excuse is a definition of an alibi. It is removing you from the behavior and claims not to own it. It is a defense. An explanation is clarifying what we do and what were the causes behind respective action.

The explanation is an answer before accountability. It has the root of accountability. How often someone gives you an excuse when you are searching for an explanation.

And how often you made excused while in actuality you suppose to explain in accountability. Excuses are dangerous when we make excuses we not only separate ourselves from our behavior but we separate others from us. We create a fence by the excuse. We do not let people in. Excuses are dangerous if they are without correct words. 

We often do not make excuses for things we are ashamed of but we make excuses for things we do not want to own or impulse.

Explanations are the elaborated causes for not able to doing or performing something. Who make better excuses than alcoholic or addict. They have a black belt in excuses.

You can fix your behaviors by honest explanation and behavioral correction. Explanations are always not make the problem right but they can fix the issue a bit.

It may take great effort to cut the cords of excuses. Correction is always a long and challenging journey. Explanation cleans your streets. Explanation allows people to be in your world.  Whatever you did was happened by solid and verified reason.

If they do not clean your side, still they are bigger enough to count acknowledgment publically. Explanation support people to help you out.

You must not let people provoke your negative sentiments. Talk if you have a problem with someone. A conversation can sort out every bit of misunderstanding. Life has ups and downs. You definitely do not want to add more species by attracting negativity and false impression. Never suppose something personally. If you feel someone apparently did badly, you should ask. A false supposition invites indirect hostility that ends on hate.


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