There are crises, there is an action that brings a change. Crises are devastated to some and fruitful to others. Not every crisis is trouble. It is an opportunity to lay a strong ground or a bigger change. History tells us so; crises made riches the richer. We recently faced a global pandemic; it brings joy to multinational corporations like amazon but also brought havoc to medium commercial industries. However, is a crisis a chance for us to reset our lives? What crises taught us and how we should plan after after crises?

Collectively humanity has confronted countless crises. The world was never smooth and the recent pandemic COVID-19 is the biggest example of unpredictability and uncertainty.

History witnessed profound and unexpected changes.

An economist Multi Friedman who once said;

“Only a crisis actual or perceived produces real changes

But what possible change could happen in our personal life after crises, like financial crises, health crises, relationship loss, how a human is supposed to behave?

A human when going through a storm, he does not know either storm is over or not but the one thing he is sure about is the change that storm brings in himself.

We all struggle to survive during bad and hard times of life. We try to maintain our good parts and keep at arm’s length our bad parts.

A person could be stronger or harsh it depends on the choices he made and circumstances he perceives.

However what going to do in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic? Maybe history can answer us with past devastating pandemics that took millions of lives and reset the world in the new order.

1349, the Black Death killed 50% of the England population. The second wave of plague in 1361 killed another 20%.

It was a disaster. It stopped the 100-year war. The back death plague stopped a series of clashes between England and France.

There was a profound labor shortage. Because many people died in the Black Death plague.

But some survive in a stronger position.

1918, a devastating wave of the disaster was killing the world. It was named as Spanish flu. Although the origin of infection wasn’t Spain. It spread through a crowded troop transportation but it was a cause to end World War 1.

The pandemic took 50 million lives. But it also gives rise to the department of infectious disease. 

It lays a new understanding of medical science. The public health system across the developed world was introduced. National health services, NHS, in 1948 were launched to ceased the diseases not at society level but individual level.

Multi Friedman also said;

When the crises occur, the actions that are taken depend on the idea that is laying ground

A launch of universal free health care at the time of the Second World War also proposed foundations of nationalization of industry and the creation of a modern welfare state, an institute of the united nation was set up. It was set to make the world free from the war zone.

The coronavirus pandemic similar to influenza flu also caused massive destruction to the world economy and the statue of beauty. What this crisis will bring change to a new world? What could be a new normal? However, this pandemic provides massive opportunities for giant multinational companies. They are working in cooperation and making sure to provide services in every corner of the world. , Meanwhile domestic and medium industries that are dependent on government are facing loss.

At the base, it all depends on our attitude and consumption of responsibilities. The problem brings us a hard time but the same problem brings us the opportunity. A far-sighted vision is required to making pairs of chances from crises.


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