A human is a fine combination of virtue and flaws but the one will grow whom we feed. Flaws are not mean to shame but to accept and change them. Self-knowledge about flaws leads to self-improvements and hence for prosperity as well.

All things are created and destined to be broken someday. I think being broken or damaged is never a bad thing. All of us develop scars throughout our lives but these scars should never be hidden

Our imperfections can be the birth of something new. Kintsugi is Japan’s century’s old art of repairing broken pottery. It is a technique for restoring broken things with lacquer and decorating the cracks with gold. Instead of covering these flaws, kintsugi beautifies the breakage. The powdered gold highlights the fracture as an important part of the history of the object. The lacquered cracks are covered with gold to transform pot into a special object which will be used and preserved for a long time. The restored ceramic becomes a symbol of fragility, strength, and beauty.

Many see Kintsugi as a powerful metaphor for life where nothing is ever truly broken.  It is mainly used in pottery. It’s often used in pottery that’s been inherited or on people’s favorite pieces.  So it’s usually used to restore objects that have sentimental value. The fractured part where this technique is applied becomes a landscape in itself. The glue traditionally used to put pieces together is lacquer.

Japanese people and lacquer have an inseparable relationship. The lacquer is extremely precious because the tree will be cut off after we extract a cup of sap from it. The sap is like their blood and extracting it ends the life of a tree. So we are always grateful to nature.

We spend a lot of time to process the lacquer by hand. I think that’s a sustainable way to live with nature.

The restoration process can take up to 3 months.

The lacquer must be dry and harden before it can be dusted with gold.

Many believe that kintsugi teaches us resilience and helps put together fragments of ourselves. This process can help with restoring our broken parts both physically and psychologically. 

Our broken parts can be mended.so we should never give up on life.

The celebration of broken objects is an extension of wabi-sabi it’s an eastern philosophy that finds beauty in imperfections. 

Try not to hide what you have gone through and your history even if it was a big incident.

You should embrace it and you will reborn because of that accident.


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