In July Americans wait for a specific date, July 4. The fourth of July call as the Declaration of Independence and America observes federal holiday every year.  It is a memorial of July 4, 1776 events. Declaration of Independence celebrates American Tradition and recall struggle and sacrifices of American Leaders.  All in all world, this particular date has a deep effect on the calendar. The continental congress declared freedom of 13 colonies and announced they were no more part of Britain Imperialism and did not accept British rule. They did not belong to George III. This Declaration of Independence announced on July 2 but wasn’t declared publicly until July 4. 

Why do we celebrate the 4th of July?

Declaration of Independence

The 4th of July is called a Declaration of Independence and hence celebrated with marvelous energy throughout the country. 

Independence Day is associated with live concerts, baseball, fireworks, parade barbecues.

This day is a celebration of American history events and American tradition.

Many public and private ceremonies take place in a different state.

People call it a Federal Holiday. Indeed, Independence Day or July 4 is a national day of the United States.

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence on July 4?

Declaration of Independence

The United States Declaration of Independence draft accepted and declared by continental congress in Pennsylvania state house, Philadelphia on July 4.

According to draft 13 colonies were no longer part of the British Empire. They separated and united for a new state. This draft adopted constitutionally on the Fourth of July, 1776.

The draft authors of the Declaration of Independence were;

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Johns Adams
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Roger Sherman
  • Robber R Livingston

When Thomas Jefferson wrote the draft and it underwent many changes, the eminent author was unhappy. In the original document, Thomas Jefferson wrote about the condemnation of slavery and ask to ban its promotion.

But committee member removes condemnation.

When the Declaration of Independence was signed?

Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence draft declared on July 4 but wasn’t sign until August 2, 1776. Many people have confusion about the draft signing date. 

The original document signing date was august 2 but the draft was declared on July 4.

Many people consider Thomas Jefferson as the only writer of drafts perhaps some great leaders contributed in the declaration of Independence draft. 

Once the Declaration of Independence declared and signed, leaders asked printer John Dunlap to make 200 copies.

These copies distributed in all colonies. These called Dunlap Broadside. The pieces are quite valuable and rare.

In 1989 an unknown Dunlap Broadside found and sold in auction in 2000 on a price of 8 million dollars.

There are only 26 Dunlap Broadside pieces.

Once a draft wrote by Thomas Jefferson, other committee members changed draft 86 times.

The document shortened in length by fourth of its original length.

On December 13, 1952, the declaration of independence along with the bill of Rights and constitution placed in Washington DC in national archives. It is present there since then.

Who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Declaration of Independence

56 delegated represented 13 colonies in the state house of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. They declared themselves the United State of America.

The signers were;

President of congress and presenters of New Hemisphere, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and Providence Plantation Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia.

July 4, 2020, and American Crises

American Crises
#America #Crises

Americans call July 4, a federal holiday. Private and public ceremonies and concerts of renowned singers, baseball matches, and fireworks observe throughout 50 states.  But this time America cages in economic crises, racism protest, pandemic challenges.

Indeed this time Independence Day may not celebrate on roads or live performance may not allow. America has become one of major state to record a massive death rate due to COVID-19.  Massive confirmed cases and death rates are still recording.

Despite COVID-19, Jorge Floyd murdered hurt the sentiments of black people. And anti-racism protest “Black lives matter” held not only in the USA but in the UK also.

Indeed America is facing many challenges. In this critical situation, July 4 may not celebrate with some traditions. Online ceremonies, online concerts, and ban of baseball matches and low ranges of fireworks may allow by the government. But despite of many challenges, American people are still waiting for this day impatiently.

July 4 is Independence Day of America and call a federal holiday.

Irrespective of culture and border, Independence Day is equally important for every nation because this is the day that makes us feel we live in secure boundaries under full freedom.


The 4th of July called the Declaration of Independence or Independence Day of America. Every year bundle of fireworks welcomes this day. It is a national day of America and calls public holiday. 

This date reminds American history events, call for freedom, declaration draft, American Leader Memorials.

4th July 1776, the day when American great leaders and presenters of colonies decided to separate from British Imperialism. 13 colonies declared themselves free and they united to form, United States of America.

But this year, Americans have questions over the celebration.

But the challenges of all states may not allow celebrating it with same excitement.  Americans are living every day with nervousness, confusion and excitement and but no official statement regarding celebration from government recorded yet.



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