Life is hard to describe. A formal definition says the life of a particular substance is a limited period that highlights continue changes as well as physical activities until death. From birth to death a person’s life is full of changes either in surrounding or in him.

Life has a purpose.

The purpose of our life is too happy

The soul is born for a specific purpose. Life is fair and transparent. It is never about birth and then turning into dust. He is not mere born to dream , struggling for dream and cultivating results. The souls are here for a specific purpose. Every soul has a different aim.

Responsibility must be fulfilled. The burden must be lifted. It is the person will and determination that helps him in coping with difficulties. Responsibilities are not burdened but the part of daily routine, so it must be accepted instead of a bear. Patience and acceptance are integral parts of a peaceful time

A person is consisting of mind and soul. You need to clean both. You need to feed them both. Good and bad lie in a person’s body. It depends on the feed which one would grow and feed depends on perception and surroundings.

A person’s life is a roller coaster.

The difficult road often lead to a beautiful destination

You must bring heart and mind on the same point to avoid chaos. Setbacks, comebacks, heart-breaks mistakes, disappointments are parts of it. Addition and subtraction go as long as person goes.

Move on is the secrecy of a successful time. You must like an ocean current. Keep moving, keep flowing, and never stick to the same spot. Life has a limited span and it must be live to fullest and should never spend ordinarily. Ups and downs are vital elements.

One must know how to celebrate a good one and how to endure a bad one. Keep sticking to the past can damage your present. It is worthless to disappoint in the past and anxious about the future.

Karma has one rule- give & take.

Life is Boomerang, what you give you get

What you give, you get in double. This is karma. If you do well you will get better. And it is true for false deeds as well. When you lie, you get a lie.

Karma has justice. You will get treat in the same way as you treat others. You are accountable before Karma. Life is fair and transparent. You can spend it with honesty transparency truth and kindness. Harshness can kill by kindness and darkness by light.

If you want to harvest sweet food then you must seed kindness in the soil. Its cipher is simple and understandable. A little consideration will decode all the cipher and hence it will be easy.

We can do a lot for others in life.

Kindness is spreading sunshine in other people’s lives.

Some days are rough.  People deserve kindness and generosity. Your gentle and kind behavior can make someone stress free. The world of words is important.

How are you? do you need something? can I help you?. These three lines make a difference in people’s lives. Be kind and caring. At the end of the day, it is your behavior with others that make differences. If you do good you will live an immortal character.

A person’s behavior and character are memorable dimensions. Be good so you can make a difference in the dark. Be a light in people’s lives. Help is never about quantity but quality and sometimes words of consolation is enough to burst the trouble.

Be a good human even if you did not find one,you should be one.

Concluding remarks.

Every soul on this earth has a distinct nature and distinct purpose. Every person experiences are different and hence opinion so. Differences are fundamental and we should have acceptance and patience for differences. Life is refectory substances, what will your seed you will reap.

The world and the rest of the people are your reflections. Treat them good; they will treat you better.

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