Martin Luther King and dark times of 2020

2020 is going harsh on the world. Everyone needs motivational quotes to embrace the pandemic. 2020 motivational quotes are collection of words from great leaders, scientists, and philosophers of all time. 2020 motivational quotes can infuse a new spirit of hope and positivity in a hard time. The newest collection is the great sayings of Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was an American priest, a prominent activist, and leader of the African American civil rights movement. Its main legacy has been the advancement of civil rights in the United States, and today it is often called the symbol of human rights. Two Christian churches recognize the king as a priest. In 1914, King was the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for his work aimed at eliminating racial segregation and racial discrimination through civil discontent and other non-violent means. King’s efforts ended in March 1963 in Washington, where King delivered his speech, “I Have a Dream.”

There, he raised public awareness of the civil rights movement and established himself as one of the greatest speakers in US history. Our history is full of heroes who had an excellent mind with excellent thoughts and their sayings became motivational quotes. MLK did the same. Although King was only 39 at the time of his death, his life was different in that he represented and inspired many of the great intellectual, cultural and political events of the twentieth century. Here the fans of Martin Luther King can read the best 2020 motivational quotes. In this year of stress and anxiety, we all need motivation. So why should not we get it from 2020 motivational quotes?

Motivational quotes by Martin Luther King:

“Darkness cannot drive the darkness away; only light can do. Hate cannot remove hatred, only love can do it.”

Love is a strong weapon against hate and darkness. The days and year we spending, makes hopeless many people so love can give them hope. Give your time to spread love and try to make positive changes.Darkness cannot stand in front of the light.

It cannot overcome it, it cannot overwhelm it. In the physical realm, whenever light visible, darkness is disappearing and cannot overwhelm it.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the full scale.”

No matter who we are, life is rarely easy. It can be fun, exciting, and interesting, but most of the time it’s challenging. We are living, spending time and year, sometimes we want to do something big and surround ourselves by fear.

So in this situation, faith can make the impossible possible. Give us the strength to perform well. Without this, we would always be vulnerable and unable to live a meaningful and secret life.

               “The most ending and urging question of life is:” What are you doing for others? “

We were born to help you. We are here only to consume resources, to eat, to breathe, to occupy space. Indeed, we are here to change our lives. When we allow ourselves to realize that we are alive and begin to see the beauty that surrounds us, it is natural to feel the need to give, to somehow thank you for your life (God).

And we all have to go even further, and not just the great leaders of the past. Martin has always taken steps to inspire people uniquely to help others.

“Our lives start at the end of the day we keep quiet about what’s important.” This is one of King’s most popular lines.

King believed that injustice in the world needed to be addressed and that staying silent about injustice was almost the same as accepting it. Unfair causes great levels of diversity. Next to the king, we have to talk about injustice.

“The last act of man is not the moments of comfort and convenience, but the place of challenge and disagreement.”

King refers to checking the character of a person who can be seen in difficult times. While it’s easy to maintain good morality in the face of any trial in life, it is when people experience pain that they show up.

During these periods of his life, King did not shun his platform of nonviolence and always treated those who opposed him with respect. This quote is interwoven in a book that applies to all of humanity and encourages people to treat others with sympathy and respect, always acting from a place of love for humanity.

“If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do you should keep going.”

Difficult situations require difficult decisions. What you decide to do is very important as it can affect how you feel and how to deal with frustrating things in the future. In this case, King meant you have to look at the environment and understand what can be controlled.

Instead of being angry when the beginner is not listening or moving faster than he wants to, he has to make personal sacrifices to complete the tasks of the entire team.

“Be a bush if you can’t stand in your tree. If you can’t be a highway, keep track. If you can’t be in the sun, be a star. Because you don’t win or fail by the size you. Be the best no matter what you are. “

Life is unpredictable and complex. This is a fundamental truth that we all must learn to accept and create in a positive way, according to King, strength lies in this embrace.

If it was not difficult, then it was not worth living. The moment you feel that you understand how it works, as long as you understand, life is changing. You have the strength to overcome life’s challenges. So keep shining somehow in difficult times.

“There can be no profound disappointment where there is no deep love.”

 King said, as we face someone who is deeply disappointed by what we have done or said, what we have not said or did, we must remember that deep love only disappoints.

Therefore King wants to focus on love today, not on disappointment. Negative expectations, such as emotional weapons that protect against the next terrible pain, can be negative. So always choose love to compete with pain and disappointment.

                     “From the mountain of depression – a stone of hope.”

We all need hope in dark times, difficult relationships, and daily struggles. It is sometimes helpful to have some tools in the back pocket during these difficult times. So this is the best gift for the king, which brings self-esteem and gratitude. Without hope, the darkness of the tragic loss.

You feel hopeless and perhaps even powerless. As if death permeated all living things for a while. Surprisingly, when you have hope, a miracle may seem to have happened. The light flows against the darkness and again you see opportunities for forgiveness. This feeling can come and go as you can return through the cave of hope to the light.


Martin Luther King was truly inspirational and upbeat at the time. He is no longer present among us, but his inspiration and self-esteem remain among us through his thoughts.

Their inspirational values can make a difference in difficult times. Sometimes, when you feel depressed and thinking, an idea can turn everything upside down. It’s best to read these ideas and always keep them in front of you. Make them your inspirational mantras. These should be your life values.

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