The quotation implies the usefulness of money to serve man in different ways. It is the most wonderful social invention of man, which has helped him to overcome the inconveniences of the barter system.It serves man as a servant very well. Money facilities different types of a business transactions. The modern banking system hinges on money. Money should consider as a good servant.

The trouble arises when man permits cash to overpower him in different ways. Man has got unlimited wants for which he needs an increasing quantity of cash to satisfy them. Increasing wants to necessitate the acquisition of more money.

Man falls prey to corruption. He wishes to supplement his meager resources with ill-gotten wealth through corruption. Man thus becomes blind and beings to pursue the path of immorality.

He ceases to distinguish between good and evil. The third world countries are in the grip of rising human material aspirations. That has given a boost to demand cash, which people need to translate their desires into practice.

 The aforesaid circle has given rise to rising immoral means to satisfy the ballooning desires. Money has become the master of man. Man’s position is that of subordination.

Man has lost his will against the power of cash. Many social evils have cropped up in society due to the predominance of money. People become strangers to their blood relations.

Murders are commit in the name of cash and property. Islam enjoins upon believers to earn cash lawfully and reduce their material desire to lead a contented life. Cash must be earn but over obsession for it must be abandon. It should be treat as a servant.

Money is a powerful evil once it traps human consciousness. People believe cash can buy happiness but the truth is happiness comes from inner, not outside components.

Money is a non-trustable asset. If you desire cash, make sure it leaves neutralize impact on lifestyle.


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