Psychology is a vast and mental condition of each of us varies. However, neophobia is a fear of unfamiliarity or fear of something new. A taste has to be build and has to be form. Neophobia for foods is common in people. What is new depends on your background knowledge and since we have exposed to different food environments. Of course, we are not afraid of the same thing. The Paul Bocuse Institute is studying how to tackle neophobia?

Neophobia refers to the fear of new or unfamiliar foods. Now a new trial explored. These are collaborations between neuroscientists and chefs in a field called neuro gastronomy.

The idea is to use scientific knowledge about the mechanism of taste perception. The idea was to stimulate innovation and creativity among chefs.

Food neophobia was first experienced during efforts to exterminate rats by distributing poisoned food.

This idea was about to use a different approach. This approach has the integration of new aromatic but without rushing the dish, making it less visually appealing or ruining the texture.

This is to make sure the client doesn’t dislike the dish even before they taste it. Many chefs have been working on new dishes a long time ago. They use different products to highlight the dish. No doubt the decor with new food objects can reject by many people.

Hence, Neophobia caused by genetic factors and cultural elements. 

There are two forms of revulsions. The greatest theorists of emotions say that disgust is a primary emotion that varies little among the new culture. 

There are signs of disgust in all cultures. However, if you have neophobia for new dishes you must try the same dish with good aroma and shiny decor products.

A dish always depends on how it is being presented. Presentation before the taste is natural and point of commonality between us. A genetic factor may contribute to this fear. 

The study at Paul institute proposed people are afraid of what they do not know but get comfortable when the same situation presented differently. If you have neophobia try the same thing in an alternative manner. 


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