Coronavirus pandemic is giving us major tough times by trembling economic, emerging viral outbreaks, enhancing unemployment, and abating food. Coronavirus pandemic started in November 2019 in Wuhan, China. The initial reports didn’t let us assume it will damage us ruthlessly. General flu-like infection has infected the people around the globe. It seems like we are unable to live an old normal life. We will not be capable to live old normal in the future also. However, WHO has attested this doubt by expressing concern there would be no back to old normal.

Blood sample with respiratory coronavirus positive

Coronavirus pandemic is looming mental stress from the day it caged us in the home. It prohibited outer visit, banned social gatherings, closed institutes, and importantly it filled us with fear of catching infection and death.

Coronavirus pandemic has the same symptoms that influenza flu has except severity and pathogenicity. The symptoms are different in different people from headache, fever, to lungs collapse, the mild or severity of symptoms depends on the strength of the immune system.

Old age people and children are at high risk due to immunodeficiency. The people who have poor medical history are at high risk of catching an infection. 


The current statistics of coronavirus pandemic are; confirmed cases- 13.3 M, and recovered cases- 7.37 million, Deaths-578 K. The statue of beauty and statue of power are facing deadly damage.

Economies have destroyed. People are suffering mentally and financially. We cannot face lockdown for the rest of our lives. We have to propose a solution to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Social distancing was the only defensive solution WHO proposed. A distance of 2 meters or 6 feet between two persons must implement in all social places.

A new statement from WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has forced us to put our lives in a new normal way.

He said;

“Let me blunt, too many countries are headed in the wrong direction, the virus remains public enemy number one”

“If basics are not followed the only way this pandemic is going to go_ this pandemic is going to go worse and worse”

“There will be no return to old normal for foreseeable future. There is a lot to be concerned about”

 If there is no return to old normal then we have to devise and maintain new normal to keep going life. We cannot be stuck and sit at homes while doing nothing.

Initially, at the time when WHO suggested lockdown in states, everybody was purchasing online. And work from homes, online academic classes, virtual social gatherings were being conducted. But after a few months, many states eased lockdown while taking precautionary measures and by introducing new normal.

New normal consists of social distancing, virtual community, online shopping, and wearing a mask in public.

Mask and gloves considered as essential accessories now as we step out from home.

 Here are some pictures that show the comparison between old normal and new normal.

Old normal

Education is a basic right and necessary for living life. It offers a civilization, sense of responsibility, life morals, and ethics.

If you want to see the progress of the nation, then assess the literacy rate. Indeed, the rate of educated people enhances productivity and make the country prosperous.

Before coronavirus pandemic, in old normal, children were sitting fearlessly, played without fear but now 2-meter distance is need of time. Above is a picture that shows how new normal looks like. 

Children are sitting in a class with distance and wearing a mask. This is a normal new school life.

Old normal

A restaurant has a new normal. The distance among tables and glass wall separation among tables is essential. This social distancing will save you from catching coronavirus.

In old normal people weren’t separate from tables and glass walls.

The waiter will serve you with a mask and gloves in new normal restaurants. Hence, people are adapting isolation measures.

Food points closed now. Take away and home deliveries are open. But few countries have opened the restaurant with precautionary measures.

Old normal

All public places are practicing a new normal. Gyms in which hundreds of people lose weight are also implementing social distancing rule.

Here is a picture that shows precautionary measures while exercising. In old normal, people came and exercised without fear of catching an infection.

Indeed, the world is trying to digest this new change. In the world, every state is showing thousands of coronavirus cases and massive death rates.

People are at high risk but we cannot sit in our home idol. We have to adopt a new trend and we have to devise a new manner to run our daily routine chores.

Adapt social distancing principles in public places while standing in line.

Always maintain a distance of two-meter or 6 feet. Prepare yourself for a new normal. Coronavirus cases can go worst and it can lead to the emergence of new outbreaks.

We must prepare ourselves for new normal instead of hoping old normal.

social distancing

The world has suffered enough from coronavirus pandemic. A shortage of newborn vaccines, shortage of food, and increasing rate of unemployment have made suffer every class from upper to lower.

People are dealing with depression, anxiety, and mental stress. However, the high purchase of anti-depressant realized us how much we are panic in this period.

Undoubtedly, if we want to go out from home and want to live a normal life then we have to devise possible defensive techniques to carry out our daily routine life.

Problem is not a problem but your behavior toward a problem makes it a problem.

Perhaps, a new world of new normal is waiting for us.


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