Poverty is a pure evil.

Rain over the cracked roof rotted walls supporting broken door and faint light presenting misery of inhabitant, a porous shelter cannot give them security.

Commanded darkness welcomed him, as he entered the home; her wife asked with a ray of hope did you find it? He said no, after a moment of disappointments Laila smiles as she is saying it is okay some other time you will get a job.Poverty has dimensions;an empty stomach can turn you from human to monster.I never observe this severity of helpless in any adversity as I found in poverty.This can make you forget about true relations.

Inspired from true story!

Lila and Ibraham are parents of three children. A daughter of eight,Three-year-old son and, again, two-year-old daughter eva…. Abraham worked in a food factory. He was in the quality control department.  The company was suffering in financial crises so they had to evacuate all the people whose presence was not necessary. Abraham was one of them. It took a moment of anxiety to understand new dimensions of new problems. When he entered home Laila asked about a new job, a source of earning bread.

From a moment of evaluation to the scientific era human need only three things,food shelter, and education. The first two dimensions are breathtaking but later depend on consciousness.The result of consciousness starved for power and rule. One after one, they desired a luxurious life now after 4.5 billion years of human life is surrounded by many elements of food shelter education transport. A good lifestyle  comes up with good money.

Grief helplessness and escape are dimensions of poverty

Abraham and Laila are sitting at 10 clocks on couch, staring at a wall and thinking what needs to be done they cannot let their children starving. Laila and Abraham gazing in darkness supported by a distant flame didn’t eat for three days.Except for a soup that hardly contains onion and sauces. Laila asks


How we are going to live without food and education (secondary element). Abraham looked at her and smiled how animals manage their food when they unable to find a host.

 they look at each other

We must escape

Disappointments grieve are carrying the same thought, Darkness making it dread.Children are sleeping in front of them. Laila has tears in eyes and is about to cry.Abraham is looking at her and says and this is necessary,Laila, to escape from poverty help me. I cannot see them starve, they are going to get a feast in heaven help me, Laila,it is the right thing to do, the right thing. Laila nodded……,

Abraham stands, take a pillow to keep it on eldest daughter’s mouth to stop her breath, then a son and then Eva  a two-year-old took a  5 sec to stop her breath Laila is a mourning statue,it is her turn now, she stands, opens the gas burner and burns the whole house.All escape hunger and poverty. They could not escape poverty so they escape their lives.


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