Man longs for power.  He acquires it in different ways. One way to acquire power is to economically well off to keep the weak under one’s control. The powerful invariably exploit the weak.

The later dares not defy the former. It applies to national as well. Economically, technologically developed nations have the trinity to fall upon the weak, underdeveloped. The developed nations invariably eye on the natural resources of the underdeveloped.

Power intoxication individuals and nations begin to show their muscles of strength. In this process, no consideration is given to moral principles.  Nations may be professing religious values, but the time of committing aggression

They trample upon moral values power is naked which carries no morality often. The US, at the time of throwing the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, did not realize the horrible consequences of an atomic explosion.

America wanted to break the back of the Japanese. It exercised strength without any consideration of love. Strength and morality are poles apart. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) brought about a revolution of love, which swept across Arabia.

 Hazrat Umar (may ALLAH be pleased with him) who was all-powerful was not without love. He delivered a bag of flour to that lady, having carried it on his own back, whose children were crying for want of food. If countries — big or small, were to have the leadership of this type, many problems would be resolved amicably. 

Power accompanied by love can help overcome many problems in the world.   Strength without love is like a sharp-edged weapon that can cut human beings into pieces. Power should not be divested of love.

Power and love are pillars for a positive environment. Good people understand the secrecy of positive leadership with a powerful attitude. It creates a comfortable environment between people who rule and people being ruled.


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