Reading books every day increases happiness by lowering our stress. It provides us a chance to see world beyond the work. We all are busy in laborious routine irrespective we are in quarantine or out of quarantine. The world has been facing locked down since November due to deadly virus. This virus COVID-19 hit the world brutally and took massive lives and still spreading by all wings. Humans are facing pretty anxiety and depression in caged life. But psychology always has an antidote for error that the human brain is bumping. Psychology tells us how reading books every day increases happiness? Human brains exhausted with tons of work. Sometimes we need to look beyond work like in books to understand what the words have to say. Reading books every day increases happiness by decreasing stress and anxiety. Book reading reduces the frustration that works triggered on us. 

Book Reading Quotes

Reading books can enhance our vision of the world. It expands our acceptance for diversity and cage the conservative and personal approach that our inner has.

Book reading is suggested by many great philosopher-scientist and psychologist. The first behavior that human develop after birth is learning. A child is the best example. He adapts according to the community because it is the surrounding that leaves a deep impact on the human mind.

There are some famous book reading quotes.

She reads books as one would breathe air to fill up and live.

Annie Dillard.

I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book

J.K Rowling

Book reading benefits are immeasurable

  • It builds a new perspective to life and develops acceptance for diversity.
  • Book reading improves memory and good vocabulary.
  • A good reader is a good thinker.
  • Reading good books can lead to making a successful life decision.
  • Reading autobiographies of successful people can make the best critique and own supporter. you will start eventually know where you stand and where you want to go.

Book reading Hobby has priceless worth.

A good book is the best supporter critique listener and adviser. A good book is full of reality and offers more than what you ask. It leaves a deep impact on the reader’s mind. A reader starts analyzing his life according to the context of the book. If book reading is your hobby then you must need to be careful in terms of choosing a book.

There are two types of books good and bad like humans. Books leave the same impact as humans do.  A consistent reader is affected by the work he read. A good gentle kind of work makes him flexible and reliable for humanity. While negative destructive work makes one-way thinker with narrow approaches of analysis and judgment.

How reading books every day increases happiness?

We all are drive-by desire dreams and goals. A good career takes good effort and work.  Such rash life somehow you lag inner development and improvements.

Flaws are ignored and life goes on. But at the end of the day when we all are set to have a sleep, reading a book for 10 to 15 minutes can leave a good impact on us. Book reading offers psychological and physiological benefits.

The world of books is extensive. You may read on every minute life and suddenly come to know that you still have thousands of unread books.  Book reading is a need of time because youth has trapped in bad habits like alcohol and drugs. Professional and personal stress destroys our mental health and life. A good life comes with good health. 

What is the study of Mindlab International at the University of Sussex 

They measure the heart response over different activities. They found reading habits can lower stress levels more than caffeine or video games.  It lowers the stress of 68 percent, walk lowers 42 percent, coffee 54 percent, and listening music 61 percent. 

Dr. David Lewis researcher and neuropsychologist said.

Losing yourself in a book is the ultimate relaxation. By losing yourself in a thoroughly engrossing book you can escape from the worries and stresses of the everyday world and spend a while exploring the domain of the author's imagination. 

Reading books offers numerous favors.

  1. It improves brain health
  2. Book reading is a good source of expanding vocabulary
  3. It prevents cognitive decline
  4. It makes sleep better
  5. Book reading decreases depressive symptoms
  6. It can increase lifespan by reducing stress.
  7. It increases empathy.

Book reading challenge and book reading festival 2020

World is interconnected by the internet and technology so all the readers can connect from anywhere anytime. Book reading challenge is a very popular concept at digital platforms and online communities. You continuously read for 30days without an interception.

You need to choose books and will read for 30 days. A person tries to cover a sound range of books. A person finds an online reading community according to his interest and then linked to reading challenges.

You get a chance to share opinions, listening to arguments. It is a beneficial time to develop a diverse perspective. Many websites are currently offering book reading challenge and festival in 2020 every month. You are one who chooses or creates a reading challenge according to interest. The famous reading challenges are

  • Book Riots Read Harder challenge
  • Good reads reading challenge
  • Around the year in 52 books
  • Novel knight beat the blacklist
  • Good reads reading challenges


Life is about learning and improving. Every phase of life demands a different you. Flaws are natural but to keep flaws constant is a tragedy. There is always room for improvement. You must need good and focus consideration for reading good stuff. Every day comes with new opportunities hence you are supposed to welcome it with new improvements. 10 to 15 min reading every day can do a lot in life psychologically and physiologically.

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