Ramadan Kareem is the holiest month of Muslims across the globe weeps in. It is the fourth pillar of Islam. Being a Muslim its a huge blessings for Muslims by Allah Almighty. In this Month Allah closes all the gates of Hell and opens the gates of heaven. From Allah’s mercy, all Muslims/humanity is forgiven who seeks His forgiveness. In this month of Ramadan, the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Benefits of fasting In Ramdan Kareem?

Fasting is also known in Islam as Roza, it the practicing of abstaining from food, drink, smoking, and sexual activity. Fast is not a daring thing to perform eventually its beneficial for a human as well, how? Being fasted improves a person’s immune system and fast is a cure to sexual desires in humans. Fast is also good for one’s self to control it from negative thoughts and unsuspecting which are from Iblees. Fast is the zakat of our own body.

General practices in Ramdan Kareem

During this faithful undergo fasting and abstinence from dawn to dusk, followed by a period of eating, prayers, and socializing. A famous scenario for this month had been the togetherness that Ramadan brings. People go to the Masjids for Tarawih which brings blessings in the environment and stays together for prayer and makes duas and seek forgiveness. Neighbors share food which brings happiness. Most of the people used to eat readymade eatables in Iftar. This year pandemic sweeping across all countries hurts humanity severely. Countries around the world are taking different measures to control the spread of COVID-19. It’s all about the health advice for social and religious practices and gatherings during Ramadan that can be applied across different national measures. This Ramadan people are playing the best role to continue social distancing, stay hygiene.

For maintaining social distancing people should practice physical distancing by strictly keeps a distance of at least 3 feet between people all the time.


How to avoid COVID-19 Pandemic in Ramadan Kareem?

  • Use religiously sanctioned greetings that avoid physical contact like nodding, waving.
  • Mitigate large numbers of people such as markets, shops, and crowded places.
  • Bring awareness in surroundings related to COVID-19.
  • Influenced older people with pre-existing medical conditions such as (Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer).
  • Avoid gatherings as it is considered vulnerable to severe disease and death from Coronavirus.

Promote Healthy Hygiene in Ramadan Kareem:

  •  Muslims perform wudu before prayers, which helps maintain healthy hygiene
  • Washing hands adequately with soap.
  • Use disposable tissues and bins with disposable liners and lids.
  • Use healthy food that may string the immune system.
  • Avoid junk food.

Charity in Ramadan Kareem;


The best thing you can do in Ramadan is Charity. Pay special attention to those who might have adversely affected while distributing Sadaqat or Zakat during this Ramadan. You can also use digital media through different resources, channels, campaigns to help the needy while considering the social distancing avoid crowded places. Charity purifies the wealth and significant way of helping others. With your charity, poor people will wear new clothes on Eid. Enjoy food and fruits in Ramadan like Edhi Foundation.

Fasting in Ramadan Kareem;


No study will proof about the side effects of fasting. Healthy people should keep fast while people who are suffering from COVID-19 or other diseases are religiously licensed or get relief to not keep fasts. After recovering their selves, they can keep fast in other months of the year. Fast is a great gift to Allah.

Read the Quran in Ramdan Kareem;


The best activity you can do in this pandemic time read Quran and try to understand the meaning and apply them in practical life. Islam is the complete religionTherefore, if we understand the true meaning of Islamic golden rules that how Islam teaches you will get shocked and create a better environment of your surroundings. Make a target to read the Quran after every prayer about half Parah, then you will complete the entire Quran in this holy month. Recite Darood and read 10 days duas in 3 Ashra.

Try new Recipes in Ramdan Kareem;


In this time, you can also create the habit of making new dish daily in your iftar that will make your iftar more cherishable. By trying new recipes, you will get new experiences and know-how to cook well. You should help your family members such as mothers, sisters, etc.

Itikaf in the last 10 nights of Ramdan Kareem;


Make special duas in the last 10 nights of Ramadan and have itikaf. People mostly do it in mosques but this year due to COVID-19 to stay home and do itikaf in homes or seeking for the rule that we have to follow. It is the best prayer you can perform. You must make dua and ask mercy to Allah for everyone and especially for Ummat e Muslimah.

Seek for the Night of Qadr in Ramdan Kareem;

As we stay in homes, we seek for the blessed night of Qadr. Narrated Hazrat Aisha (R. A) “Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “Search for the NIGHT OF QADR in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan”. (Bukhari)


Ramadan is a blessed month. We should do all good deeds in this month more even we have to do good deeds in our entire life. The most important thing is about Ramadan is Allah closes the doors of Hell. And Opens the doors of Jannah which brings the opportunity to control our Nafs against Bad habits. It is the best opportunity to have to inculcate good habits like as mentioned above read the Quran, helping others and try new recipes itikaf and seek for the night of Qadr. We can take this a blessed opportunity to change ourselves and get connect to Allah strongly.

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