Today we feel the power of silence does not exist or there is no space for silence. We are always in a need of responding to something. We are required to do it.

Whether it is physical interaction with people or it is email, text, or WhatsApp. A film make and journalist, Harriet Shawcross, has to say if we find out the power of silence we all would get the benefit. The power of silence has to play a major role in life.

We can learn from silence. People are interested in silence and in what can and can’t be. However, children at school have shyness but some are consciously silent and unable to answer a direct question. Anyhow intentional silence can enhance general observation in personal and professional life.

Silence can have an impact on the body and brain. In one study involving mice, silence has shown to promote the growth of brain cells. In the part of the brain responsible for memory-related to senses.

Scientists played a nice selection of sounds including baby mouse cries, white noise, and silence and observed that, during call there was a cell growth in the hippocampus.

Another study looks at the impact of the power of silence on the body. 

And the research found that if silence was inserted into the track of music the blood pressure dropped, heartbeat reduced and the subject relaxed much more than listening to a piece of relaxing music.

This only happened when the silence was inserted in the middle of the tune itself. But a shocking fact didn’t work at the start or end of the experiment. A silence in noise has a greater impact than without noise. 

Silence in noise is particularly beneficial.

Silence enables people to say things which they would have never said before.

Here are many social services around the globe that help people to say things they never said or what they were ashamed of.

People need to talk as much as they can. A conversation leaves a good impact. Silence in a conversation has a healthy impact on depressive minds.

Silence is the heart of most major religions of the world. But too much silence leaves a bad impact psychologically. Sometimes it is okay to talk about how you feel instead of enduring pain.


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