This motivational proverb elucidates radicals of success which signifying the fact that great things take time. Hurry is not an answer of desire or dream, motivation of trying for a long time is necessary… Neither life nor time takes orders from people. They do what they want so. An anxious behavior does nothing except demoralizing your courage and hope. Always remember when you are tired

“Life is going to give you a chance; you just need to have some patience for success”.

More the Patience you offer: More the Success you earn

You are not going to stop unless, you get what exactly you work for and what you deserve. Life is fair, she fall for stubborn soul, she throne the one, who is unstoppable, hard work and determined.

 History holds a bunch of people who did arduous work with consistency, passion, and boldness. They gave the world a heads up note for their innovation and marked the history with golden ink. Untold failures, unsuccessful attempts and ineffectual strategies couldn’t stop them from achieving the desired goal. These people made a way to success by the hurdles they faced during the trek. They constructed a road over the ragged area and imbedded a flag of victory; shadowed the world and engraved their name in history.

 They had a creative mind, courage for visual representation and stubbornness for repeating attempts and moving ahead. Zestful, dynamic and energetic souls never set them free. A glance over history keeps elaborating this such as Jk rowling who rejected from 18 publishers and later became bestselling novelists for harry, potter. History present Ibrahim Lincoln; a woodcutter son, who had failed business in 1831, got nervous breakdown 1836 but his consistency rewarded him with a chance to serve 16th president of United States of America. Walt Disney creator of Mickey Mouse dropped out from school for not passing the army test. But today his creativity is a part of childhood memories of millions of people.  Coca Cola Company was successful in selling only 18 bottles in the first year of business. If you can think about it you can achieve it. Ideas need courage for its representation, a dogged will for performance and tenacity for the result. Innovation, discoveries, revolutions flourish by what, why, how and what next?

People in daily life, struggle. The hardest battles are the ones, where you don’t have a support system; morally and financially. You carry weight of dreams in head, bunch of responsibilities on shoulders, and some money in pocket and pray for better days. You get no choice but to struggle. Fights are act of courage and valor and fight for dreams are sacred one. A strong person has strong scars.  People with difficult pasts hit the history, Nature asks your will, then she offers opportunities and for answering the nature honesty with oneself is prime factor. Honesty to start, Honesty to carry on, Honesty and motivation not to end your task, Honesty for striving the success are dominions.

The universe falls for spirited bodies. Vibrant souls, focused vision, planned strategies and element of stubbornness can make you hit the history because she itself narrates; Great things take time.



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