Random Facts About Yawing

Yawing has been researched for many years but it remains a mystery. None of the statements satisfies the audience. The phenomenon of yawing was quite clear but despite we do not know why we yawn and what kind of effect it leaves on us. Fun fact is some scantiest revealed yawing has close relation with empathy. When a human share cordially ties with someone else he intends to yawn more as compared to a person who does not show much empathy. The mechanics are well known in science. It is a body reflex to take a deep breath. You open wide jaws quickly for exhaling. It relaxes your muscles, stretches eardrums and eyes to close tightly.

Scientists have given a connection between yawing and the need to let oxygen in. People yawn when they need oxygen but this theory was not supported much. It seems to have more with body temperature, empathy and state of awareness.

Why We Yawn?

Yawing is human reflex action just like any other action but science reveals yawn is triggered under specific circumstances and time. Not every time a person yawn. However, if you yawn too much the reason must be one of these;

Yawn cools our brain. When we have a fever we tend to yawn more than in normal circumstances it is a reflex action that lowers the temperature of the brain. It replaces hot blood around the brain with cold blood. The interesting fact is people in winter yawn less than they do in summer because blood around the brain is already cooled in winter hence they don’t yawn to a lower temperature

A high level of Cortisol can trigger a yawn. The level of cortisol is high when you are stressed.

You yawn when your body is ready to change the state of awareness. Either you work or rest whenever you change the state of awareness you unintentionally yawing more at a particular moment. 

Fun Fact is yawn is also a way of physical communication. You yawn when you feel bored or need to have rest. It is a way of asking isolation for rest. Science reveals this is the most contagious yawn of all. It could seem rude to some. However, this is an automatic reflex action and you have no command over it.

This is the biggest gesture of showing empathy. You started yawing exactly when other people do. It is also a gesture of close relation. If a person sensitive and observant he prone to yawn more as compare to other people. This sense of connection is also a random fact.

Yawing keep you alert. Some people say it is an indicator of sleeplessness but it is not the truth. When you yawn your heart rate gets increase and it keeps you alert instead of making you sleep. When you wake up and yawn it is also a symbol of making the body active and alert. Activation of muscles improves body movements.

Is Yawing Contagious?

Yes, yawning is contagious especially if you are doing it at intervals. Yawing is contagious in specific circumstances and for some people. If you are empathetic and catch reflex action by watching some else yawing then it is contagious. It reveals how emotionally you are close to someone else.

If you are still resisting the empathy theory of yawing then watch a movie or short clip of people who yawn, if you started yawing by watching a movie then you are empathy and you are prone to yawn more than normal people do. The fun fact is it will also reveal your emotional stability with someone else.

 Yawn as a symptom of the disease

If you are yawing too much then you must pay attention. Medical and clinical fields have shown a link between yawning as a symptom of the disease.

  • Sleep Apnea
  • Liver Damage
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple cases of sclerosis
  • Brain Tumor
  • Heart Failure
  • Side effects of meditation
  • Narcolepsy

If you have an excessive yawn, look at your lifestyle first. You lack attention, stress poor diet, and improper sleep make you yawn more. However, once you get sure there is nothing wrong with your lifestyle and you still have excessive yawn then you must visit a doctor.

How To Stop Excessive Yawing

If the oxygen statement is true then practice deep breathing. Once your body will get enough oxygen by in and out a deep breath you would not need to yawn more. Your body will get sufficient oxygen from deep breathing. It also composes the mind and helps you to focus on life

Lack of sleep may make you yawn more. However, take a healthy sleep of 6 to 8 hours. Proper and deep sleep will make yawn lesser.

Take a break from the exhausted and laborious routine. Once you feel relax the body will automatically stress-free and your need for the yawn to get relax will end automatically. A relaxed and active person yawn less.

Never let body temperature rise. Keep a moderate temperature to maintain hemostasis and metabolism. For active life every cell has to be work in coordination and temperature has to a major role in coordination. Therefore keep your body temperature maintain.


Some facts of life are surprising and interesting. One fact is if you yawn more than you are empathy and you are more prone to attach emotionally more than a normal human being is. Excessive yawning can be fixing with a healthy life style.  It is your responsibility to keep life healthy. Once you are healthy life would be healthy.


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