Learning is crucial for survival. Learning is the only thing that goes side by side with time. It is difficult for teenagers to keep track of time during studies. However, days and weeks are blurring in the tough schedule of academics and conventional co-curricular activities. There is a narrow space for new skills. Teenage life is most active and energetic years of life. However, teenagers are not under any obligation to learn something new. But a productive time is better than a free and wasted one. You can adapt or learn a set of new skills and can polish with time.

Seven Skills Teenagers Can Learn

Teen minds are potential house for learning and absorption of knowledge. However, teen ages are the consolidated basis for life lessons. What we learn at a young age is unforgettable. Young age has a strong memory. Undoubtedly they should be productive ones instead of an idle.

Pasta Sauce

Cooking is a great potentially messy skill that a teenager can learn for being independent later in life. There are lots of dishes you can learn to cook but why not to start your signature sauce. A sauce has tomatoes, onion, garlic and oregano in general but you can add desirable components such as basil, paper chili powders.

Mistakes happen in cooking and you will find a smile couple of times before you could reach balance tasty and tempting pasta sauce. Teenagers could introduce their signature pasta sauce. However, cooking is a skill as well as a hobby.

Get Sketching

You might think sketching is a talent you are born with. But the truth is you can learn sketching irrespective you are born with or without the spirit of art.

Peculiarity comes with practice. You can take a big sketching pad and a full box of pencils. The use of different softness grades would eventually teach teenagers who are best for sketching.

Pencil grades vary. They go from 9H a very hard pencil grade to 9B soft pencil grade. HB is round of middle grade.

Online exercises help improve sketch. The teenager could start this skill by sketching animals, landscapes.


Storytelling is a skill and it will open a door of opportunities for all kinds, not only for ones who want to be Mary Shelley or Scott Fitzgerald.

All need of employers is storytellers own their own. Irrespective they are scriptwriters, video gamers, marketers, or vendors.

Storytelling isn’t limited to fiction. They could write a short story, comic book or could write a film or review.

Like sketching people think storytelling is inherent but it is not the truth. You can be a storyteller by practice and level of interest. It matters about which genre you want to write.

Play the harmonica

Music is a good hobby. Music composing, hence, is a time taking activity. Music instruments are expensive some are too big to occupy space. However, practice on any musical instrument can make a good musician.

  • Brass is expensive
  • Piano needs space
  • The guitar is generally like by the audience

But harmonica is a real deal. Harmonica is a great and inexpensive deal for teenagers to get into music. Diatonic harmonicas are the most common and are often considered the best for beginners.

They also sound great in blues folk and rock music which is a great place to find enthusiasm and activity for mouth organs.

Get sewing

Teenagers who are interested in the fashion industry could start sewing by fixing holes or adding new patches. Sewing machines, needles, threads are not hard to learn. A good practice over sewing instruments will make you an expert.

Once you get to practice over the easy object you can come up on blankets or dress gowns. An old biscuit tin is used to store all sewing objects.

YouTube online classes or physical sewing schools could help in improving sewing. Whatever skill teenagers are going to learn they have to make sure a good amount of time is required in adaptation and equal time is required in polishing the skill.

Learn a new way to communicate

Communication is a skill. Bad communication will end good things. Communication should be clear and transparent. Fewer words but the clear meaning and gentle tune are set standards for communication.

You can learn sign language. Or you can learn a new social app and all its features to communicate with the world. Writing speaking, listening and reading are four pillars of communication. If teenagers find a flaw in any communication pillar he can improve by practicing the same thing over and over.

Become local wildlife expert

If your teenager has an interest in animals you can consolidate his focus even more. Wildlife expert activities include;

  • Remembering animal local and scientific name and genre.
  • Observe Animal Behavior
  • Keep an eye on a feeding schedule
  • Differentiate animal voice at different time

You can have a checklist or notes diary and write little single detail. It is a reliable source of wildlife knowledge. You can keep pets in a better position once you know the basics of human behaviors.


Teenagers have a good amount of time for academics as well as sports. But learning goes lifetime. Don’t stick to the same thing but keep altering hobbies. Learn new and productive ways of old activities. How and what if are crucial points in learning.

These past months were depressive but now we are back to a normal routine. We have understood very well how much life is valuable. We should cherish it because one day life will be over with all temporary and superficial luxuries. Live, learn, and lead.


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