Forced Relationship

When two people are just wary of each other but still don’t want to live together, its called a forced relationship. It could be for several reasons.  A dragged out a relationship like this starts projecting negative energy.  People give their best, they fight with all they had but it will never be enough because love can’t be forced. There is no need to keep a forced relationship nor one should go above and beyond to remain together because when relationships are real, even the most defective pieces fit together.

People keep believing in a happily ever after even when everything is falling apart. They keep on thinking that their partner is going to change and that everything is going to work out in the end. They keep on holding tightly to that idea of love even when love is gone even they have tried everything.

A happy relationship can end up being a forced relationship if you observe or facing the following signs which I am going to discuss below.

Fight over small pointless things

When people are in a forced relationship, they fight on an almost daily basis over the smallest and pointless things. In a normal relationship, partners don’t get bothered and often find it surprising and do what his/her companion likes.

Not “we” any longer

A relationship involves two partners living together. They go out together, shop together, and meet with friends as a couple. However it doesn’t mean they never do things individually, but most of the couples like to do something together.

This is one of the sign, partners miss easily. Because partners often associate it with more independence and think it’s alright. If one of you is thinking only about yourself, it means the relationship has broken. If you are facing this situation its time you notice your partner’s behavior to know if you are forcing the relation.

Easily spending time away from one another

When partners are in love they tend to spend as much time together with each other as possible.

But in a forced relationship, partners want to spend time away from each other. They avoid each other to be at peace for a while.  The show less interest in each other’s activities, which leads to a lack of effort made by them and eventually leads to lesser time spent together.  If you are or your partner is forcing themselves to spend time together with its a clear sign the love or interest in each other has lessen significantly.

You try to change each other

People fall in love because of the other partner’s personality and traits i.e. beauty, talks, etc. However, a forced relationship partner tries to mold a person to fit in their expectations which causes problems in the relationship. Partners do change but only when they want to or feel the need to do so. However, If you are thinking that everything would be perfect if your partner did this or that then, you are forcing your expectations on him/her and you will eventually lose the person’s trait which attracted you in the first place to seek out his/her companionship.

You think more about other peoples

In a forced relationship the partners become unhappy with each other and start looking for other sources of happiness. The partner takes and finds other people more interesting. They find the same traits or activities of the other people more interesting than their partner even doing the same. You may be good at sports or cooking etc. But he/she will either find other activities more interesting or even the same activities he/she liked before.

You put all the blame on yourself

You constantly try to find out what mistakes you have made. However, you think that you ask far too much from your partner. If you are putting all blame on yourself it is because it’s easier to blame yourself and lower your expectations than face that your relationship just isn’t working.

Lack of communication

Communication is a key ingredient in a romantic relationship. When partners communicate very little under the same roof they act like strangers living together. Even your partner communicate with a stranger more than he/she is communicating with you. People lose interest in each other and talk less about their activities their work and their thoughts and emotions. If your partner is not showing interest in you, he or she will lose interest to tell their partner about each other.

Lack of intimacy

Romantic relationships build from tenderness and intimacy. The loss of intimacy in your relationship is a red flag. Partners often become busy in life and cut times of intimacy, however,  long periods without sex isn’t healthy. Furthermore, other affections, like hugging and snuggling, are also essential in a relationship. In forced relationship partners often lose sexual attraction for each other.


When a romantic relationship runs into difficulty, there are unmistakable signs. It’s easy for the couple not to pay attention to these signs or refuse to accept the truth of the unsuccessful relationship. Relationships can only get better when both partners put effort to make this happen. When you notice these signs, it’s best to talk honestly with your partner about your relationship.


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