Slavery has multi dimensional approaches and I thought twice before lifting up my pen.

  • What is slavery?
  • How someone adopts it?
  • What are the facts behind it?
  • Is the creativity antidote for slavery?     

These are some dimensions choked by people. Let’s decode them!

What is Slavery?

Slavery is primarily a perception. It is a thought and it is an emotion that creates a slave. On an individual level, emotional slavery is having an obsession with someone. Transforming one’s personality for another is totally a gesture of emotional slavery. Physically slavery is obeying by putting own self aside. On a social level, cultural slavery is worshiping someone else culture. All of them are fatal. Slavery is underestimating its own moral and cultural values influenced by external factors. It can totally shut down the doors of the mind. It is a poison and prison for the free soul. Master is one who can influence your morals and actions. You must recognize the factors that leave an impact on a daily basis.

The antidote for Slavery:

Self-negotiation is necessary and Self-care is important. Self-development is compulsory. You are free and distinct attributes and a prominent approach. Don’t need a garb and secondary paints to prominent yourself. The best antidote for slavery is self-recognition and self-development. Human characteristics all over the world are the same. The hard task is finding one’s unique point and polishing them.

Self-recognition boosts up confidence, the aim of life, consistency to achieve it and acceptance for all other distinct elements. Digging and accepting are pillars of self-recognition. Digging one’s personality donates curiosity about soul and matter. A person is curious about facts. The person tries to improve a good one and try to tackle the bad one. Curiosity is the beginning of everything. Curiosity leads recognition and recognition leads to creativity.


 A soul is creative in a domain she is interested in. A mind cannot accomplish the subject in which it is lacking concentration… Curiosity leads to knowledge and development. Both are connected. It is attested to say curiosity and development are conscious approaches. A conscious mind alerts intentional approaches. The intentional approach leads to Focused vision. A focused vision approach concentration and consistency that tackle the third C (Creativity). Development and growth are endless processes.

A person cannot complete this journey of curiosity, improvement, and development. A person is a universe consists of soul and matter. It resembles the universe around us. A person’s journey toward their own self can never end as we cannot end our journey toward the physical universe. Because both are wide, full of secrets and interconnected nodes. 

What do you think? Should we slave or should we create?    




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