Society realities are harsh and brutal. It is a bond among people, a source of sharing the very same values and culture The one who is not a follower of conventional approaches is definitely a rebel. But the question is; who makes people unacceptable for variables?

Orthodox personalities are the worst creatures I ever see on the planet earth. They lay out narrow mindedness and riot behaviors. People ravel in the norms, with rusty thinking stones in feet. Conservative figures judge by possessing inner god characteristics and being hyper supposer. Individuals are living to align track with no productive mind growth. Majority believe the phrase

“Changers are Sinners!”

 Change is absolutely a horrifying idea for them. People show resistance to acceptance. This Acceptance for change, acceptance of the idea of change and acceptance for the results of change are major points of anxiousness. Society does not want to accept a change.

People do not have the flexibility for diversity. Lack of acceptance for differences of opinion is an example of how intolerable we are; for an entity. Old civilization with old norms and the same living setup comfortable us. It is a fear that we are having, deep down in our souls.

What is that mean in Society?

“Fear of change”

Fear is an emotion.We absorb it from the surrounding. This fear does not allow us to visualize a site far beyond conservative approaches. Fear is a stamp on idleness and fellowship. It cages productivity. The emotion of having fear is the worst. But the more worst, is the fear of what would people perceive about me?

A fear of destructive criticism by people, fear of judgments, fear of rejections.

Society is nothing but a follower of biasness, Let’s have some examples;

If a girl is talkative and loves to socialize, it does not mean she is out of boundaries, it simply means she loves to make friends. Society management is flawed with flawed intentions of flawed people. Arrange marriage of 7 to 10 elder boy with a girl quite fair but the relation with two-year elder girl is pure hell. Society values are biased with illogic concepts and ruthless customs. We need to absorb that rights are not lapped with compromises. Both are different words with different meanings. If you have the right to live life on your terms then why are you wasting it to make happy others?

Why we need begging for the acceptance of our originality in Society.

 Do not make any flawed human ticket for your happiness. This is you who bless with life. Time is too short to waste it in waiting. You want it just go for it.

Always remember,

  • Are people necessary for the actuality of who you are?
  • Whom you are going to choose, yourself or the system?
  • It is not selfishness and insanity to do something that you want and make you happy

Be not blind in following a flawed society. If you have eyes, use vision.


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