Jeff Bezos is the richest man in this world. He earned the title of wealthiest and cleverest person back in 2017. Jeff Bezos became the first cent billionaire in 2017. The net worth was 100 billions. He made tens of billion during the coronavirus pandemic. At the time when the world superpowers and statue of beauty were facing a devastating situation, he was adding bricks to make his empire stronger than ever. How that becomes possible for him? Jeff Bezos’s fortune came from founding amazon. He is the founder and boss of the mega international technology company.

Amazon owned whole foods to space exploration by a space tech company blue origin. The list of ownership goes on. But we might do not know some untold and surprising facts about Jeff Bezos and his billionaire empire Amazon. He seems to have a contradictory character. He has a reputation of really caring for his customers but he was accused of neglecting and taking for granted Amazon employers. Jeff Bezos was criticized for charity effort but he is known to have the Potential saving Earth.  

Like Silicon Valley with the partnership of Elon Musk. He considered investing in space as his moral duty. Politicians keep coming at him from all sides.

He was a precocious and intelligent child. He was three years old when he found out the basics of engineering. Jeff Bezos knew how to take apart his cot with a screwdriver. He set an electronic alarm at a young age to keep siblings away from his room.

Jeff Bezos keeps recalling a quote from his grandfather;

One day you are going to know it is harder to be kind than to be clever

His public image is taking as a clever businessman than a kind human being. His metrics on Amazon is proof of his cleverness. Jeff Bezos has a deep interest in metrics. He asked interviews for test scores and keeps increasing it and make the test harder to get a job on Amazon. With the hiring of a new talent pool, the lowest ones were made to quit the job.

Amazon warehouse has often complained of employees about timid toilet break. There is an installation of an electronic workstation that monitors to ensure they are packing enough boxes. The obsession with metrics may a reason behind such a successful mega business. Jeff Bezos works on the principle slower and steady win the race. He reinvested and expanded business despite the fact that things that were not okay around him in past.

He knew his confidence and long term vision would pay off. Jeff Bezos has always done things differently at Amazon. His culture of doing things is not for the faint-hearted but still, he manages to ingrate his work culture in society.

He set up a bookstore in his garage in 1994 and early investors warned him the chance of failure was 70%. He established many rules, rituals and traditions. Workers do not use PowerPoint presentations at Amazon. They read a handwritten file to make things clear. Jeff Bezos does not like a big team. According to him, his one team should be small enough to feed on two pizzas.

He is obsessed with customer attention toward Amazon. Jeff Bezos has a customer obsession. If you have a problem with Amazon you can directly send an email to Jeff Bezos. He keeps reading his email address and that is He will forward a complaint to a colleague with a question mark drop.

In the office, the employee can rate each other performance. They were supposed to stick to the 14 leadership principle. The principle includes criticizing others for their performance and actions.

He took the heat of many politicians. 2018, Donald Trump accused Jeff Bezos of tax avoidance and anti-competitive business strategies. He was criticized for keeping his employee at low wages that even they have to go on food stamps.

Jeff Bezos responded to criticism and higher the pay up to minimum wage of $15 in Amazon. Jeff Bezos and Amazon are ruling the world. He also responded to a lack of charity criticism by funding 2 billion to homeless and education sectors in one day.

He is busy in space. It seems like he has thought something big about mankind’s future. He invests 1 billion each year in his own space company, blue origin. Jeff Bezos was 5 years old when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon and imprinted vision on space on little Bezos’s mind.

He considers humans as a big species to impact the solar system. Like Elon Musk, he is creating a series of rockets that move and are placed vertically.

Jeff Bezos was not speeding his space project but slowly plotting a plan. He is building a 10,000-year clock deep inside a mountain. This construction is a symbol of long term vision and gradual improvement.

Jeff Bezos does not rush his projects but takes step slower but with consistency. He planned and implements decision with long-term vision.


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