The dispute over the South China Sea has engaged the world for many years but in recent time tension has increased. China has been constructing petrol buildings and enhancing militarism on an artificial island (Paracels and Spratlys) in the South China Sea and that particular area claimed by many states including Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. China claimed territory called the nine-dash line and it has been making the presence of patrols building and military bases since its first development. The USA recently accused China of illegal occupation on the South China Sea. 

South China Sea
Conflicted areas on South China Sea

The USA has never interfered and objected the military presence over the sea linked islands before. In the last days, China and America both held naval exercises which is unusual by the global view and increased the tension between two states.

Why the South China Sea is controversial?

It is eminent for natural resources, gas, and petroleum. Chains of islands are non-populated. Two chains of island caught a sight globally. Every linked territory is claiming ownership of the islands. China also claimed, centuries back Island belonged to China. 

This artificial island in the Sea has major ports as it has major shipment routes. Fishing is also a ground base for disputes. 

Many territories claiming the island for a long time but China started construction of military bases and navigation buildings a long time ago. The tension was released but the recent accusation of the USA fuel the fire again.

What the USA claimed over South China Dispute?

US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said recently;

“Beijing had no legal ground to unilaterally to impose its will on the region”

He said the USA which said it will not interfere in any regional matter now rejected China’s unlawful control over seawater.

“Any action to harass fishing or hydrocarbon developments in this water or to carry out such activities unilaterally is unlawful”

“The world will not allow Beijing to treat the South China Sea as its maritime empire”

South China Sea
South China Sea map

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China Answer over South China Sea Dispute

Chinese embassy over the sea linked island informed US state department;

“USA is distorting facts and international law. It is also distorting United Nation Convention on the Laws of the Sea”

“The accusation is completely unjustified,” the Chinese embassy said.

China has remarked the USA is trying to make the sea linked island controversial while ignoring international law and also interfering regional dispute which is against the sovereignty of the state.


The USA has blamed China many times since coronavirus hit the world. The USA has accused china of bolder moves in global politics, human right violation in Xinjiang, protest in Hong Kong, and pandemic handling.

And now the USA is blaming China for illegal occupation over the sea linked island and boosting its military presence.

It seems like the dispute which was before among tiny nation has shifted to superpowers of the world.

Artifical Island (Paracels and  Spratlys) on which China is constructing its military bases is important to major shipping routes and fishing ports.

It seems like Beijing heartedly wish is now a cat out of the bag for the world.

Military bases
Military presence on South China Sea


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