Stand straight and Stand Right depicts emotional representation. Civil rights movements, Human rights, Feminism speak for a physical representation of rights, who is going to stand for emotions, nonvisible but senses dimensions. Who is going to put people in faith and encouragement? It is not the era of materialistic approach but the era of hope and positive approach. Man does a duty of 9 hours why he is hopeless for not maintaining a good lifestyle?

 I never consider human emotionally or physically weak. The girl, who bears a human child for 9 months, why would she keeps silent in own basic rights. She is strong like a rock and soft like cotton. Things are overlap in multi-dimensional society. Speak what you want, Refuse what you don’t want. Life is simple why would it need to be complex. Stand for what you deserve, Stand for rights, Stand just damn stand, it is your life. You have to make it successful. Nature granted you the best part in human form.

Don’t waste it by regretting on unfulfilled desires. Don’t waste crying for people who do not need you. Firstly, have a clear vision for life decisions. If you do it right, be happy if you take a bad decision it is okay, accept them, learn from them and move on. Life is short to have grudges. Those who have done bad, forgive them, Peace is necessary don’t waste it on non-deserving persons. Don’t impatient for things you don’t have and crave. Everyone is trying hard to fix things around them. Be a struggler, not a victim. Why you are hopeless? Why you are disappointed?

Everyone and each thing are planned by divine force and if you are atheist each thing commences at the perfect time in perfect order. You are hopeless because of burdens, people, financial crises, regrets and losing dear ones. You are sad because you didn’t well at exams, Put the whole things at a corner and think once. Why you are born? Life is full of ups and downs, What makes you feel sad when realities are at the front. Lack of positivity and sadism hit you hard. Spread love, be happy, be determined, be kind, and heal the injured one. Everything you own is temporary, People, jobs and fame. The only thing you command is your thought and perception. Your whole life base is on perception and response to actions. Life is simple. There is no need to worry about things you cannot command

Repeat it with me

You are going to okay

The thing, you lost, replaces by a new one

Be easy, Be grateful, If you have nothing to be happy just think; you get a life once, you have to make it easy for you. You are not going to have a second chance. 



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