Stress is a feeling of being not well and capable of fulfilling the duties in daily life. It is natural and every person somehow stressed in daily life activities. Excessive anxiety can damage you mentally and physically. People with stress tend to anxious and over-thinker.  But it is essential as well. Fight and flight mechanism drive your best abilities to cope with danger. But excessive stress leads to the degradation of productivity. Consistent stress and anxiety drag you into depression. Stress management techniques help relieve stress. There are 11 generally practices stress management techniques for anxiety and stress relief. 

What are stress symptoms?

Excessive stress can drag you into depression. Anxiety and depression are behavioral disorders. Consistent stress can affect your mental health as well as the mark you an unwell human being. Some general stress symptoms are:

  • Headache and pain in the stomach
  • High heartbeat rate
  • Insomnia or sleeplessness
  • Loss of interest in life
  • The feeling of being alone
  • Anxious and overthinking on future perspectives.

11 stress management techniques.

1-Say No to toxic components.

This is probably the hardest task of life. Turning down requests, pushing away toxic people, and expressing opinions are the hardest task. No very clear and comprehensive answer. It is the best stress relief tip. The very thing which disturbs you directly stop it right there. It will make you burden-free. Mental health comes first over people’s demands and opinions. If something is disturbing the peace of heart and mind then gently say no. You do not have to take mental health at stake for temporary happiness. At the end of the day it is your mental wellbeing that needs to be on the soundtrack. 

2-Exercise is mandatory.

There is no compromise on health. A healthy meal with good exercise will keep you healthy and active. A sound life comes with sound health. Daily exercise will make you stress relief and reduce heart diseases. It reduces weight and makes learning judgments thinking sharp.  Exercise is the healthiest tip to control mood swings and anxiety.  It helps to bear daily laborious work. 

3-Self -care comes first.

Always keep yourself a priority. Self- love and self -care are essential. If you want to love others, firstly you need to love yourself.  Ask yourself every day how you did, what you need. Some people are loaded with responsibilities. They are busy fulfilling other people’s responsibilities. But they forgot you are someone too. They also need care affection love and respect. A self- consideration will heal you and will you make stress relief and anxiety-free.

4-Positive thinking makes life easier.

Life quality depends on the quality of thought. Positive thoughts will life make easy and productive. A positive attitude makes life prosperous.  This is the only strongest weapon to cope with the negative phase of life. Your life will automatically change when you will change your thoughts. Exciting surprises and miracles will happen. Life demands nothing but the stubbornness attitude.  Always see a sunny side of life. It will help you in passing rainy days of life. Positive thoughts will make you stress relief and anxiety-free.

5-Be on Schedule.

Make a list of goals and activities you want to achieve. A schedule is necessary for the accomplishment of daily life activities. A proper task of every day will make you aware of how much you have done and how much more you need to do. Strategies and proper planning will help in achieving success as well as it is a good stress management technique.

6-Enough sleep enhances productivity.

A proper schedule of sleep is necessary for good productivity in daily life. 6 to 8-hour sleep will save you from sleeplessness or Insomnia. A good routine with should sleep hours will make you stress relief and anxiety-free. Get up early make your daily maximum and go to bed early. Sleep with satisfaction that you did the well whole day. proper sleep is a sound stress management technique.

7-Try to detox chaos.

The biggest reason for anxiety is chaos in surroundings and eternal. They never let you hear properly. Chaos in mind increases stress. Clear the voice of mind with meditation and exercise. If you want to lead life firstly you need to listen to what it has to say. Close off all noise. Spend alone silent quality time. Try to arrange the lines emerging inside your head. Never let noise fade the ability of thinking and learning. Hard days will pass and workload will end. You need to detox chaos to get stress relief.

8-Laugh is a meditation of stress.

Happiness and sorrow come and go at intervals. Life is a roller coaster and full of challenges. You must embrace good days and must ready for hard days. Laugh with friends. In 24 hours of the laborious day you must extract an hour or two for friends. When you have a positive attitude you will surely radiate positive vibes. Go and sit with beloved ones. Add funny humor in a boring routine. Laugh with friends. A good laugh will reduce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin. A good laugh can make you stress relief.

9-You must realize stress is not a solution.

The problem is not the problem but your attitude makes it a problem.  You should understand problems and stresses are temporary. They will not lead you anywhere. Stress isn’t taking you going anywhere. Patience and calmness are a key factor for battling hard days. If you want to go high then you should accept the challenges in life. Problems are temporary and it will end but overthinking on problems will create more anxiety instead of relief.

10-Be a Believer of good times.

Believe it good days are coming. You should believe miracles happen every day. An anxiety full span should not allow you to shake your faith. Destiny works according to his plan. If things are going according to your plan you must happy and if they are not going according to plan you must grateful because in that scenario plan are working according to divinity.  You must put trust in Divine force.

11-Keep remembering Stress is temporary.

You should write down positive sentences in a notebook and keep memorizing until the bad days are over. It will make you stress relief.

  • I will go through anxiety
  • Problems are temporary
  • I will find out the solution
  • Better days are coming


Life is a long journey and you cannot ride it with loaded head. Problems are part of life and ending them is the art of life. Be a believer. Gather your trust and move on. Have patience. Everything is going to fell in the right place. With a positive attitude and strong will you will succeed in aim by defeating temporary challenges. Challenges are lessons. You should learn and move to the next level.

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