Emotions are actually communications !


His wide, deep, dark brown eyes half-drowned in tears were looking at the sun disappointingly. Wind gust touched him, Clouds were covering the sky, and Sun was near to slumber. Darkness was ready to set the regime. His face was dark as some sound echoing in his mind. The faint sound of footsteps approached him. The boy turned around and looked at the comer. She smiled as if she came to know the actuality of his claim. She was standing like a winning queen of chess after defeating her opponent; recklessly. Every gesture of her was asking; this is it?

 “Love is like a chess game. Every move raise a question of how to proceed ahead”. 

2 days ago

John and Elia were classmates; they fall in love during high school. Both passed graduation together and put the official step in professional life. An ideal couple, all in all. But their definition of love was different. One kept the platonic sacred feel, without physical attachment while Elia embraced physical touch in her way. The physical was not in the sense of sexual desires but in the way of attachments and keeping desires. At the eleventh hour of dusk, they were sitting at a bench park, luxuriate in one another; meanwhile bird warbling sound awoke their attention.

John: Don’t you feel how lucky these birds are, live under the sky freely, and spend lives without social-economical religious constraints. They solely want to be safe, reproduce and have food.

Elian. No, john. They are not lucky. We are lucky. We can feel spices in life. We do struggle for the betterment,….., fight with bad days to earn good days. This is us, who don’t want to live in the same place, don’t want to eat the same food. Don’t want to have the same clothing. Our priorities shift as we grow. And it is okay when preferences change.

John: (He look and ask: eyeball to eyeball), if this is a point, Where do you see us after 2 years?

Elia: well, it depends, maybe at that time we will not be together. We cannot predict the future but can hope that as we grow, may we choose unconventional growth trek. May we accept the individuality of each other.

John: (in a thoughtful manner) ………………, but don’t you feel love is eternal elie?

 It was a question or suggestion, hard to predict….

Elia: love is an emotion (Point was being added in conversation)

Elia placed her head on john’s shoulder by putting her arm around john’s arm. She was Deeping her love, touch was soft and efficacious, John took a deep breath and he inhaled a fresh air puff. He sat in a relaxing way by crossing legs.

Elia: (continue after a pause) Emotions belong with attachments.  They develop with desire and expand when we crave. They end when the desired ends. 

John:  love fulfills soul, Love is absolute and is all in all.

Elia: I don’t think so.

John: but I feel for you in this way

Elia: Can you prove this love satisfaction?

John: I can elie, The way I feel for you, I have absolute love. 

Elia; okay ….. we need to go back home. I am tired.

They left the glimmering sun behind,

We are touch by the sun’s solicitude every day. He gives all his care and devotion; goes back to tenebrosity without any credit.

Next day: 9: AM

John was on work, received a call “Elia is died in a car accident, Please reach to hospital and receive her body. His body was trembling, “does Elia die “? The only question was reverberating, She was with him this morning .how she could die..? He went to the hospital and collected her body, came back and offered her rituals. The home was not a home without her, They were mere blocks connected by cement. It was getting darker. He could tell how it felt to lose someone, whom you love with all your heart. He sat and howled. Nobody could feel his trauma.

He woke up the next day, lied on the floor. Swollen eyelids, severe headache chaotic appearance were narrating his condition. The clattering sound of memories was making him nauseated and dim.

 He started suffocating he ran to the beach. Sun looked at him as he is waiting for his arrival. His only mean of life has been lost. Faint step approached him, he turned and yes! She was Elia, wearing a white gown and flowery hairband. She was looking as, ready to attend welcome feast from god. “A blushing bride was wearing a veil of light”. She smiled and asked!

Your love was absolute. No compartment for any emotion. Is this an emotional conversion; from love to pain? Is my presence necessary to fill your soul compartments? What is the matter john? What all tears about Does love eternal for you now? Does satisfaction belong to unity and pain with separation? What is love?? Why do you feel incomplete?

. These emotional approaches depict your conventional terms of attachment.

Your pain is a symbol of attachment not a symbol of love. Does it?

He kneeled on beech and started crying his heart out. 

 A bronze skin girl was, wearing a black gown with open hair and Bearfoot, standing on a distance call him and ask is he okay. Wooziness could not let him see her appearance. But he replied with tremor tongue that he was fine. The girl said I didn’t know what were you going through but always remember,

Love is Essence

Love is life

Love is a source of soul thrive

Love is absolute

Love is eternal

It protects you not to be carnal

She has fled in your head

Read, lead, and get ahead!

She was gone but gave the john a reason to live. He was right that Love is absolute but kept all the time a phony approach. He had a journey ahead. Sun slept, star shined and moon welcomed him on the trek.


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