This time I am bringing the intimate secret life of a nun. It is not harmful to educate yourself about different religions their regions and followers. The comparative analysis makes the mind productive and educated. This time I am portraying the secret life of a nun in a convent. The nun is not as isolated as it is assumed.

We all are passionate about the radical life that people live for years. An interviewer reached a convent to document all the interesting and surprising facts about secret life of nuns. Why they choose to live a separate life but are they actually separate or it’s just an assumption? This was the first question that arose in the interviewer’s mind.

The interviewer was excited about what is inside the convent. Here is her brief documentation about a nun and their connection to the convent. The interviewer belonged to the room and it is very common to see nuns around every corner. Valeria Louongo photographer by field visited a closed and confined convent in Roam.

She said, to see a nun in the Roam is like a landscape. She wasn’t so close to religion and for her it was more interesting to understand the role of religion in an individual’s life. It was interesting to think there are people of the same age who could choose every type of lifestyle but they choose to become a nun. But why anyone would choose that kind of lifestyle and what is the psychological reasoning and impact of this solitude life?

If we look to the past nuns were not close-minded. It was easy for the interviewer to get in the convent and talk, but it is hardest to make them feel comfortable infront of the camera.

And once they decided to become nun they also decided to leave their personality toward community

It is not important for the ego but it is important for the community. One of the misconceptions is that they live a life that is totally isolated. But the religious life in convent is evolving the same as society. They use social media, nun take photos, and use the phone but they do it in a different way.

The interviewer said she never saw any nun taking a selfie. They think about themselves as part of the community. So it is not okay to portray themselves alone. This was the biggest hurdle that she found taking a solo picture of a nun. It was a really difficult moment for Valeria Luongo to find just one single moment with a nun.

They all try to be together all the time so it is difficult to have some time with a single nun.

She took a lot of pictures but in many pictures, they were laughing. It felt interviewer like protection between nun and her.

But one of the beautiful moments at every beginning was to see that she found one nun very attractive and later she took her many pictures. She made the photographer connected to the rest of society. The nun later told her to become a nun is not only a connection to god only but it is a practice to learn and pray more in life. Nun found learning in a convent.

She found her isolated life different from the life that people have. A nun is so much attentive and sensitive than before consent life she has never observed. It was a compelling motive for a photographer.

The interviewer wanted to take more pictures after prayer but then she realized it would be much difficult to take a picture during prayer. For nuns, prayer is personal spiritual and even intimate.

It took interviewer 2 to 3 years for taking pictures and documented them with consent. Binding with other women is a plus point for nuns. This connection does not make them feel alone.


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