Every society has sensitive parts indirectly related to conservative and orthodox approaches. Either it is western or eastern society, every society mark with social taboos. In this article, we are going to name one of 7 content of the world, Asia and one of the Asian countries, Pakistan, and its taboos. No matter how advanced we are, here are some approaches and taboos that represent norms as old as the Zeus era.

Prohibition is a very social exclusion that directly relates to human activities which are considered haraam. These haraam and sacred human activities are based on moral judgment and religious beliefs and anyone who tries to break the haraam eater is considered insulting or detestable by society.

Pakistan has been a part of many taboo societies since its inception. Many taboos in Pakistan need to be considered and considered or highlighted because such topics either hidden or overlooked.

Some of Pakistani taboos.

Mental health:

There is a society in Pakistan where it is a shame to consider mental health or to seek attention. However, one survey found that one in five suffers from stress or depression. Still, it matters. However, screening by a psychologist or psychologist considers taboo. Unfortunately, almost half of the population is illiterate and only 20-30% are highly qualified. Mental health is the most neglected sector in Pakistan.


Marriage is a beautiful relationship but when it doesn’t work then divorce is better than hurting each other imperceptibly. But it is believe that in Pakistan, tolerating and maintaining a toxic relationship, whether it hurts or not. Even religion allows divorce in any country. In the country, a divorced woman is completely reject by society and loses her dignity. It is Pakistan’s dilemma that divorce in the name of “dignity” consider taboo.

Sexy violence

Hundreds and thousands of rape cases are hidden because it is forbidden to speak out against such cases. There is a society in Pakistan where rape incidents are hidden instead of sending the culprit behind bars to save the “dignity” of the girl child. Also, it is a painful fact that the victim said to be the cause of the rape. Every year, many cases come to light, but their families keep their mouths shut to protect their so-called “dignity” and thus, because of the taboo, such criminals continue to enjoy the open air.


If a transgender person is born into a family, then that family or especially the mother consider unlucky. This prohibition does not allow transgender people to live their lives normally but instead send them to certain areas where they are allow to live with other transgender people. They specifically made to discriminate against other people and society does not accept them.

Honor killings:

Because of the high illiteracy rate, honor killings consider an honor. Pakistan is a developed country where honor killings take place. Every year, many girls kill by their families in the name of “dignity” because these girls do something after which their families refuse permission.

Bottom Line

These 5 issues are not mark of embarrassment or shame, but important to discuss and solve at the same time. Silence on the sensitive social issue never performs well and turned problems into taboos. It makes us suffer not the victim but the rest of the community. Everyone who tries to speak for these 5 taboos has gone through severe criticism. We need to stop these backlashing. These 5 taboos are rusting elements for society. However, a healthy society needs to grow beyond conservative and orthodox approaches for the prosperity of the state.


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