This New Year 2021, could be a little uncomfortable for the world’s biggest tech empires over the competition of digital markets. Efforts are being practicable to curb the markets of Facebook, Instagram Amazon, Apple and google owner alphabet. Authorities in the US are getting tougher day by day over the competition issue that would be a battleground in 2021. Next might be fortunate if you are good at social media handling as well as tech is closer to home. You are going to have more technology resources to do work more at home in 2021. In the final year, and eagled eye overview rolled into the world’s biggest empire; Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Trends in 2021

Earlier this month 45 USA state prosecutors sued Facebook accusing the social media company to buy illegal campaigns and immoral content from rival groups.

Also, the European Commission revealed the digital service act as well as the digital market act that would drift the way in which tech companies are operating.

Completion and market proposed a legally binding code of conduct and proposed that social media authority must have the power to impose a bundle of venalities over the publishing of content. This scenario is a visible sign of rules and restrictions as well as a bundle of opportunities to grow business on the social media platform.

The tech sector is vigorous to see how newly elected president Joe Biden would run tech companies in the USA.

In past, Joe Biden has showed narrowed criticism over social media platforms, especially Facebook.

In the New York Times in January, he said; Section 230 should be revoked. This is the key legislation for protecting social media firms. Section 230 clearly says social media platforms are not responsible for the aggressive things that users post.

Some also wish to see big firms broken on terms. Google is already under pressure. In October, the USA government filed a charge of violating competition law to preserve its monopoly over internet search and online advertising.

In their defense Google said, they operate in competitive markets and supply services that are only possible from big firms. Anyhow California clearly stated they have a check-up on data entry.

Electric Innovation

The past year was a nightmare for the aerospace industry. The world’s biggest mode of transportation, airline services, was completely closed since the COVID attacked. It was a huge collapse as the industry was canceling or delaying bookings and travel.

But it seemed like the USA is coming with a plan. The state commits to research and development in particular manufacturing planes with the least impact on the environment.

In September, airbus revealed a project for hydropower design. Next year airbus perhaps would sign the contract with Spain, France, Italy, and Germany. Beside it, Rolls Royce is launching the spirit of innovation

The company believed this would break the world record by introducing itself as the fastest aircraft that would fly more than 300 mph.

Retail Evolution

It is has been a disastrous year for retailers. Almost the majority prefer online shopping. People did not take the risk of buying in person. In 2021, Amazon would expand Go store chain. The customer would not stop for checkout. Just pick the thing, artificial intelligence would track your buying list and send you a bill. It is easy, time-saving, and speedy for the ones who are time and health-conscious.

More than 20 stores are running in the USA and the and company is about to launch the Go store in the UK from 2021. Max Hammond a senior journalist said, it all depends on how people respond to technology and whatever to keep it themselves. Go style shopping would minimize contact with surfaces and would prevent the risk of communicable diseases.

Working from home technology

It is like, working from home would stay. 60% of entrepreneurs think they would let their employees to work from completely or partly even when the pandemic is over.

Many big firms already decided to work from home. Working from home is ecofriendly as well as mentally healthy. You get a chance to save time on transport and deliver efficient work by being in pajamas.

It is productive for the company to have lesser sick leaves and office politics. It is a package of efficient, productivity and virtual connection.

Dropbox, Facebook, and Microsoft already announced working from home for partial clients. The next era is the fastest and virtually evolved era.

Autonomous cars

In the state of the USA, Arizona phoenix, cars are self-operated. They pick up and leave the passenger on their wheels instead of asking for a driver.

It is part of the Whymon One service which was started back in October. Autonomous cars have the back of Google parent, alphabet. It was started publicly in October and now planning to expand all around the USA in 2021.

This company decided to scale up capacity and more space for customer services in all states. 2021 is going to be an exciting and evolved year. Cruise, Auto x, Uber dispatched are not behind. They are planning and launching similar ideas.

Bottom Line

2020 was unexpected, good to some and bad to all. It was surprisingly shocking and uncertain. But now with New Year, everyone is expecting better. But the trends are shifting from old normal to new normal.

From marketing to dispatching, manufacturing to labeling, every industry is shifting strategies from in-person to online. The virtual world is taking the physical world. New tech services, autonomous cars, working from home are in trend. So if you are planning your 20201 resolution, be very wise and selective.


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