This proverb, easy come easy go, means that anything, which is gotten through illegal ways, does not last for a long time. Easy come easy go elaborates, those who try to augment their resources in a wrong way, sooner or later have to put them in one form or other. Properties that are acquired through ill-gotten ways sooner leave their owner in different ways. Easy come easy go is the same as what goes around comes around.

These are bitter and harsh truths. No person can live a happy life by creating chaos in someone’s else life. A person sooner or later finds the exact action that he has done in the past.

The people who earn money in illegal ways cannot make their children obedient. Some real-life examples elaborate on their offspring indulge in gambling and can lose the property.

They can also resort to speculation in the sale purchase of stock and exchange shares. The value of a share may go down. Thereby making the owner sustain a loss.  Wealth should be acquired in a legal way.

Wealth earned through dubious ways soon peters out leaving the acquired in a state of remorse and regret.
People are blind in acquiring wealth just to satisfy their ever-increasing material desire. They fail to distinguish between right and wrong.

Islam permits the believer to increase wealth in a legal way. They should pay zakat to feed the indigent the resources less and pull them out of the wretched state.

It is a matter of sad reflection to note that in Pakistan corruption is openly done to increase people’s economic resources for fulfilling their variety of material desires.

Experiences, on the whole, reveals that wealth earned through the wrong way seldom stands by the owner. It leaks out in many ways and does not stay permanently with people who earn it in illegal ways. The proverb holds true in human affairs. One should avoid earning wealth in the wrong way.

An earning with legal sources is safe and secure. You will get profit and prosperity when you earn something with hard work and commitment.

An easy way may make you ignore your trouble for time being, but the comeback of hurdles is always damaging. If you got a problem then fix it before it will worsen.

Some facts may seem harsh but they are true. Never avoid permanent happiness for temporary luxuries. Dream high but travel on the right path for the desire destination because the wrong one will damage your morals.


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