The need to understand that society is a multiplex and It sheaths religious social cultural and political credo. Folklore vary from community to community. Each is desperate, preserving heritage and lore in society. A person experiences different rationality behaviors. Society needs acceptance and flexibility but education capers hunk in this elite phase. Education helps to figure out the hidden you. Education and qualification are different terms. Holding a degree with excellence CV is not a purpose.

The need is adaptation. Education makes capable you to perceive things at different slants.  Education does not mean getting money with a booklet of rules and fixed timings. The need is a broad imagination. People need to clear that poking nose in own business is the best thing they ever learn. If a person passed by road, the human cluster need not observe him. Practice makes perfect, only theories are not enough to pass in exams.

The need is to understand that the life syllabus is not designed by the education panel. It designs according to the reaction. Stability comes with learning. As the law in physics “The matter changes quickly have more potential to regain its shape than the matter changes slowly.  It gains stability and resists for salvaging”

More you quick there is more the chance of primary position.  Maturity is education. Once you mature you start getting reasons behind everyone’s actions.  You are goanna alright with states and situations. You would start understanding rather getting g mad. Evil is the tag of negativity. No one is bad by the earth. All is the vicinity that brassy him. People mislay kindness by placing hate. Abhor and execrate are siblings.   

The need to understand people are a reflection of their persona, not someone’s action. Education is as simple as learning.  The Education is verbal while learning is empirical. One will happier who tends to adopt more. Learning goes throughout life. Human is a universe therefor it takes a whole life to explore itself. This is like a puzzling game. Puzzling parts are missing in the universe itself. Every part urges to learn and adopt. Allah SWT gives power and wisdom but all u need is to mark inside the soul. The love is in the air for the one who is kind and lovable. These attributes can adopt and implement. All you need is learning for acceptance. Accept people as they are. Don’t waste for finding good people.  Adopt attributes as you want others to adopt.

Learning is a door of exploring the kingdom

Conquering is a crown on superstardom             

Provoking lyrics on puzzle land

More you lead you to stand



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