The world is facing two pandemics; the one who is low but ever-increasing coronavirus pandemic and the other who is bright like fire and fast like air the pandemic of racism. America hit both at a massive rate. Coronavirus pandemic caused havoc to American economies. Meanwhile, the pandemic of racism and discrimination hurt the sentiments of the public. If I am about to say people of the United States are suffering emotionally and financially, I probably won’t be wrong. The pandemic of racism emerged with the killing of George Floyd.  A wave of anger and fury hit almost 50 cities in America. The pandemic of racism is not new but the story begins in 1954.

How 1954 to 1968 time period belongs to the pandemic of racism?

Racism is discrimination over race. It is a belief that one race is superior over others. Racism is not new but history witnessed it in different religions and cultures around the globe.

America has faced major racism crises since its inception but the self -explaining era are two. The events of 1968 and events of 2020

America has already witnessed a wave of racism between white and Black people from 1954 to 1968. Many social activists arrested, killed and massive protest was recorded which later name as civil rights movements. A series of events ignited the fire of civilian rights in black people. A wave to end discrimination was somehow successful but now the wave again hit America.

The Pandemic of racism from 1954 to 1968 directed by Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa park and Bob Dylan. Massive protest for equal rights, antigovernment slogan were recorded. The end of legal discrimination was the main objective.

Whenever pandemic of racism started the main reasons behind are;

  • Killing of black
  • Discrimination of right
  • Sense of superiority
  • Psychological torture or bullying

The pandemic of racism 1954-198 ignited by discrimination of rights. Some recorded events are,

  • Black people were not allowed to serve in cafe and restaurants
  • Black child could not go to white children school
  • The Black allowed sitting in the back of the bus
  • A black was killed in Chicago over the flirt with white women
  • Lacked of justice services to black

Similar series of events crashed the country until 1968 when the discrimination between black and white finally ended.

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The pandemic of racism-2020; the killing of George Floyd

It seems like history is repeating herself in America. A public video witnessed the black killing by a white policeman. May 25, 2020. A black arrested and handcuffed for a counterfeit bill. A white policeman kneeled on his neck. George Floyd was unable to breathe and begging for his life.

A 9-minute video shows George Floyd faced was down in the street and saying “I can’t breathe” white policeman didn’t notice his appeal and continued kneeling on his neck until he died.

A white policeman identified as Derek Chauvin. The other two policemen who witnessed the whole incident and didn’t do anything were also arrested and fired. They called as J alexander Keung and Thomas lane Tou Thao:

Derek Chauvin charged for second and third-degree murder while the rest of the two were charged for aiding and abating second-degree murder.

The killing of George Floyd ignited a fire of fury and rage across the country.

A massive protest for equality of eights and rage of modesty recorded. People’s sentiments hurt over this torture. At the memorial, George Floyd’s lawyer said he killed not by the coronavirus pandemic but by the pandemic of racism. And the words seem authentic.

Since America founded on the world map it seems like discrimination of black and white is not ready to end. It is the 21s century but people are asking for equality, justice and modesty.

Rev al Sharpton and civil rights activist stated;

Get your knees off our neck

The memorial of George Floyd has more to say;

At the memorial services friends, family and social activists spoke their hearts.

The lawyer of George Floyd Benjamin Crump said;

“It was not the coronavirus pandemic that killed George Floyd. It was another pandemic. The pandemic of racism and discrimination”

Philonise Floyd said at the memorial;

“Its crazy man all these people came to see my brother it’s amazing he touched so many hearts. He told the audience how poor he and George Floyd were, when they young. They washed the clothing in the sink and dried in the oven”

A social activist Reverend Al Sharpton said;

“We won’t stop. We are keeping going until we change the whole system of justice”

People are asking justice, equality, fair trial, end of discrimination, and transparency in justice. Donald Trump’s quick action over arresting and trial of murders have calmed down the situation a bit. A weak ago, it seems like all people were asking a fair justice system. Massive protest in front of the white house has compromised the safety of Donald Trump. Indeed It is a challenging time for America.

Concluding remarks over pandemic of racism.

Peace comes with a transparent and fair system. People are distinct and hence their demands also. To keep them united a leader must listen all and held system in proportion. America should end the culture of discrimination by public speaking, fair trial and equal rights.

 A race or discrimination over color, gender, cast and religion must not allow in any state or culture. The world is already facing deadly viral pandemic. We must not wrap ourselves in another pandemic of racism and discrimination. This world needs to be fair and safe.

America should take appropriate steps to burn the roost of discrimination. As long as a sense of superiority exists in the mind of people it is hard to say when a pandemic of racism stop hitting the world. Every human being is unique and deserves respect. We must treat others in the same ways as we want people to treat us.



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