Scrolling social media, reading journals, or tempting advertisements on TV channels often states some facts about nutrition and health which are mostly incorrect. Even professional doctors and nutritionists are blamed to spread false information about food and nutrition in public. Here are the 10 biggest myths about nutrition you need to keep aside from today.

10 Myths about Nutrition World

People are greedy and quicker when it comes to shedding unwanted weight. They desire perfect body shapes and attractive physical body gestures. However, in all of their efforts, they tend to follow misinformation. However, here are 10 myths we need to cut down!

“Calories in”, “Calories out” is all matter in weight loss

If you are burning calories without taking sufficient energy and perceiving you will lose weight, it is a myth you need to end. Calories in, calories out is not the only thing that matters.

Relying on only calories diet and burning them does not support weight loss journey. Other factors play a vital role in calorie burning. Genetics, metabolic condition, medications, and hormone imbalance may make the weight loss journey harder even after people are taking a strict diet.

This concept also lights up the importance of quality diet and sustainability for weight loss. Calories in, calories out solely depend on foods’ calorie quantity and not the nutritional value of the content. This can lead to choosing nutrient-poor foods and low calories.  This concept needs to end among all health-conscious people.

High Fats Foods are Unhealthy

Many people fear high fats are unhealthy. They follow low fats food to lose journey. People perceive cutting their fats would help in losing unwanted fats. Dietary fats are essential for health and wellness.

Low fats diets are linked to a fatal health condition, including metabolic syndrome. It leads to insulin resistance. They are known as risk factors for heart diseases.

Diets are higher in fats prove as effective and efficient. Either it is high fats or low fats, both conditions will harm your health especially when fats are associated with food quality.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Once it was thought that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It set you for the rest of your day. But it might not be the case for most adults.

Researches indicate that forging breakfast may result in lowing intake of calories. Partaking in intermitting fasting showed beneficial results. It can reduce inflammatory markers and improves cholesterol levels. But this does not apply to children or growing teens whose nutrition requirements are higher than adults. Intermitting fasting is also not applicable for pregnant women as they need requirements and nutrition. 

On the other hand, researches also state that a healthy breakfast reduces meal frequency for the day and avoid inflammation. Besides every fact, if you are a breakfast person, enjoy your meal and if you are not a breakfast person do not get hard to add it to your daily routine.

You need to consume small, frequent meal for good health

Eating a small, frequent meal is an approach preferred by people who are trying hard to lose Wight. They perceive this approach to boost metabolism and shed unwanted fats.

If you are healthy, the frequency of your meal does not matter as long as you meet your energy needs. People with heart disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, as well as pregnant ones may be benefitted from bad health conditions.

Nonnutritive sweeteners are healthy

The rising interest in low calories sugar-free food or low crabs has led to increased production of NNS (Nonnutritive sweeteners. While it’s clear that NNS also increase risk disease such as Type 2 Diabetes.

It leads to the deregulation of sugar and negative shifts in the guts of bacteria. Research in this area is on-going. High-quality future studies need to confirm these potential links.

Macronutrient ratio matters more than diet quality

Undoubtedly, macro coaches make you believe that macronutrient in your diet is a matter of life and the rest aspects can be ignored. But it is not true.

If this is about weight loss journey then the number of macronutrients as well as the quality of food matters. The quality of food affects metabolic health, disease risk, life span, and vitality.

White Potatoes are unhealthy

White potatoes are often labeled as unhealthy in the nutrition world. They are restricted by many people who are struggling hard for losing weight.

Hence, high consumption of any food including white potatoes can lead to weight gain. White potatoes are a rich source of nutrients including Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. They are filling other than crab sources like pasta and rice. They can help you feel more satisfied after a meal. But do not forget to take potatoes as baked or roasted but not fried.

Diet Foods and Low fats are healthy Alternatives

If you take a trip to a nearby grocery store, you may found product labels as diet low calories low fats, or fat-free. These foods are tempting to those who are trying hard to lose weight.

They are unhealthy choices. Researches show that low diet food items contain excessive sugar elements. It is best to forgo these products and enjoy small sugar products such as yogurt, nut butter, and cheese.

Supplements are a waste of money

If you are focusing on a nutrient dense and well-rounded diet, your answer is going to be a supplement. When supplements are used correctly, it can be beneficial in many ways.

Supplements of magnesium and vitamin B showed benefits in the case of Type2 diabetes. It enhances blood sugar reducing disease risk factors diabetes-related complications.

Pregnant women are also recommended to take supplements. Supplements are useful and hence vital in many populations.

You have to be skinny to be healthy

Obesity is associated with type 2 diabetes as well as heart diseases. It is also associated with anxiety depression and certain cancer and even death.

On the other hand, reducing disease does not mean you have to be skinny. A nutritious and top quality diet is vital to living healthy. Exercise and workouts enhance your longevity irrespective of how you look like.


The nutrition world is rich with misinformation. It leads to public confusion and chaos about the consumption of diet. People are also confused about their follow-up from nutrition professionals and health experts.

However, these myth related to nutrition world needs to end. And the best way to follow evidence-based scientific facts. They will provide a reliable piece of information.


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