Everyone needs friends, without any doubt. But the moment we live miles away from our families, then perhaps friends are most important. They have obvious help in communication, emotional support, and practical help.Friends has role to play. They are important, perhaps even vital for our mental health. People with good social connections tend to live longer and have come to the view that weak social connections are as harmful to health as smoking. Best friend is the person who knows exactly who you are. Best Friend increases our self-esteem and make sense of our lives. Loneliness has also been associated with depression and hypertension.

They make us feel important. The awareness of having good friend enhances the quality of life. You don’t have to put a filter on your face or mouth to talk to them. Your best buddy has a key in all your secrets. They know everything but still, they don’t judge you. Friends saw you in every situation, like your rises, applause, and your fall. They know how you can be a total disaster and they can talk non-stop about something that bothers you. Here studies will tell you about the most important things you should know about your best friend. Read it, tag her/him, and ask your best friend if you don’t know any of it.

Best Friend Quotes

“True friendship comes when he’s comfortable between two people.”

David Tyson

”A loyal friend is someone who comes in when the rest of the world leaves.”

Arnold H. Glasgow

 “A loyal friend jokes about your jokes when they are not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they are not so bad.”

Walter Winchell

Common things about your Best friends

These common things belong to the daily routine if you become familiar if you spend almost everyday together. The best friend always know.

  1. Nick Name
  2. Birthday
  3. Personality type
  4. Favorite food & desserts
  5. Favorite color
  6. Music taste
  7. Her every family member
  8. Dreams
  9. Her current crush
  10. Like pets or not?
  11. Cats or dogs
  12. Indoor or outdoor lover
  13. Vacation plans
  14. Mood swings
  15. Shopping taste and place
  16. Organized or messy
  17. Sleeping hours
  18. Reading a lover or not
  19. Favorite actor and singer
  20. Fears and phobias

She’s your best friend if you know these about HER

Your best buddy should be “your person” for you, but this, he/she must be able to know these about you and vice versa. This should not be too difficult to understand. In the end “your person”, there is only one last piece of the puzzle that fits well and that’s it. So the Best Friends should know about all special things about each other.

1-The situations in which she is a complete mess.

When you are having a breakdown and not feeling well, your best friend shouldn’t know, because they won’t judge you, they will allow you to cry as much as you want and make you feel happy. You certainly don’t want anyone else to know or see how offended and broken you are because you can’t make yourself vulnerable. Therefore the best buddy is a good choice to cover you in a hard time.

2-Her Thoughts and reason for loneliness.

Best buddy knows about each other. So they should know about the things which make them feel sad and alone. Because good friendship leads to soul relations. A best friend should know that when negative thoughts can catch you from inside. On those moments your best friend only needs your positivity and caring gesture.

3-Your close life details.

Your personal life and every intimate detail of your business is exclusively belongs to your best friend, and no one has the slightest right to look the same. Talking about your problems and good news with your best buddy, you give the soul pleasure. So let’s keep our most precious secrets where they are safe and closed!


4-What’s her Romantic type?

Your best friend takes on the role of the supreme wing. She/he should be able to go to the bar and be the only person you would go to because buddy knows that all your celebrities have loved your relationships in the past. She is an expert in your personal life, after hearing your opinion about it, and can give you the date of your dreams in a few minutes.

5-Her most valued thing in friendship.

You know for sure that you value a friend’s friendship and hope to find out the same about yourself. It can a good sense of humor, devotion, and honesty. That’s why you compatibility let you chose her as your best friend. She knows that he will never let these qualities fade.

Which Friendships last?

Friendships are maintained based on shared values. These could be old friends with whom we have a strong emotional history. We don’t necessarily see them often, but we never keep thinking of them as our friends. In addition to similar values, the friendship requires several factors.

You need mutual understanding, trust, and a lack of jealousy or envy. True best friends will support you in difficult times and be happy when things are going well.  Best friends also accept your flaws and don’t undermine you. If you continue to experience depression or emotional exhaustion after meeting someone, this may be a sign that this is not a healthy friendship.


Friendship is just as important to our mental health as food to our physical health. One study also suggested spending time with positive friends, changing our views for the better. It makes you happier when we decide to spend time with happy people, it means that you leave toxic people. We all learn to accept kindness, and also contact us when we need help.

A best friend can change our value system so that we learn to attach more importance to our lives. We only live when we have healthy friendships, we prosper. The whole point of this article is that only your best buddy knows how insane you are and you don’t want anyone else to know about your craziness. Right? So go for splendid friendships and spread happiness in this world.

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