TikTok has been growing rapidly for 3 years. TikTok is a social media app by Beijing based tech company founded in 2012. Massive use and worldwide popularity catch the attention of international app developers and technologist but now global politics is making Chinese apps specially TikTok to face damage by imposing sanctions.

USA remarks over TikTok?

Someone asked a question to State secretary of USA Mr. Pompeo on fox news, would you recommend downloading TikTok app?

If you only want your private information in the hands of the Chinese communist party”

He was asked if you would ban Chinese TikTok app?

“He replied I don’t want to get out in front of the president but it’s something we are looking at”

This is a disturbing remark for TikTok from the state of USA.

This Chinese app was downloaded more than 2 billion times and this app experience overwhelming response in three years.

But worldwide it is facing criticism now.

By observing the Chinese position by the world eye in the international market, perhaps being tech and Chinese are not good combination right now.

India has banned TikTok and 59 other Chinese apps in response to escalation between China and India.

Security concern was the reason stated by India but it is not truth indeed.

After hand to hand fight between china and India soldiers, 20 India personal were killed but Chinese personal death wasn’t recorded.

This combat happened on India’s northern frontier.

Nikki Haley former Ambassador of USA in United Nation tweeted;

Good to see India ban 59 popular apps owned by a Chinese firm

America welcomed India’s decision of banning the Chinese app.

James Sullivan, head of cyber research at British Security Think Tank Rusi said;

This can be linked to Huawei, Huawei is the case test. It is probably the start of a trend in the west where the action will seek to squeeze or even sink large Chinese tech companies.

TikTok has announced a major move

Chinese app announced it would quite Hon Kong within days. It is an extremely nervous and painstaking task.

It is difficult to distance itself from china.

This announcement was made on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. They would not handover data to the Hong Kong government.

This announcement is a grand gesture that explains TikTok is not close to Chinese government.

This strategy was following by Tiktok for a long time.

This year Chinese company hired an American chief executive, Kevin Mayer.

They have placed their head offices in London and Los Angeles.

TikTok chief executive Kevin Mayer stated;

“I can confirm that the Chinese government has never requested to use for TikTok data of Indian user. If we do ever receive such a request in future we, could not comply it”

But this chief executive statement of Chinese app didn’t lower doubts in India

One of the congressmen tweeted;

“Tiktok must go and it should have gone yesterday”

Dr. You Jie from international relation think- tank Chatham House

“It is an incredibly tough moment for Chinese Tech Company. All Chinese companies would wish to set up a foothold in the US and Europe. But they have been caught up in geopolitical rivalry”

Indian companies are developing similar apps to TikTok and a rise in downloading has observed since its ban. Instagram allows you can post now 15-sec similar video. 

But Tiktok is not Huawei, hence, it is a social media company which have raised concern about security around the globe.

Who is going to hurt China next by banning TikTok?

India’s ban on the Chinese app is disturbing. They imposed the ban to punish China. But it seems like America is also following footprint as he favored India’s ban on every platform.

For Ttktok Company it is huge damage to lose a big market in India. If it will lose America who has major clients of TikTok it would add fuel in the fire. 

A detest has also observed in other countries like Australia.

Deputy Chairman of the foreign interference of Australia through social media said;

“Tiktok might be a data collection service disguised as social media”

It was a shocking statement from Australia.  


It seems like Chinese app is in great trouble. They have announced they would never leak any private data to the mother government and they always made best efforts for safe usage. But geopolitical rivalries have made Chinese app to face havoc damage.

Alignment has been shifting since COVID-19 hit the world. China got bolder since the pandemic. Bigger moves with fearless attitudes are creating escalation among the rest of the world.

After hand to hand fight with the Indian army, the Government of India bans Chinese 59 apps including TikTok.

The USA and now Australia are also showing doubt over TikTok usage and meanwhile, TikTok has announced its separation from Hong Kong.

It is worth waiting to see how geopolitical rivalry will damage international markets either online or via ports.


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