Beautiful cities of the world distributed around the globe. They are commending for architecture, maintenance, and disciple. Citizen’s role is important in the establishment and management of a city. The government of any state is responsible for maintaining and taking care of city crafts and noteworthy places. Beautiful cities of the world are well praised by the world. All are agree on the title which is granted to them. People around the globe visit and make memorable moments with love ones. Space from a laborious and hard routine can make your soul fresh. We cannot live the same life every day. We have to add flavors for the betterment of physical and psychological conditions. A vacation with family and friends in these beautiful cities of the world can be your valuable asset.

You get a life once therefore you must make it worth living. Nature is wild and beautiful. Human care for nature makes it more breathtaking. Human is a part of nature. When humans take care of other elements of nature then in return nature rewards humans with mesmerizing sceneries. Give and take is a universal disciple. When you do good: you get the best.

The best parts of the world are itself nothing but the struggle of citizens to make it worth living.

10 most beautiful cities are;

1-Paris- France

This is a city of glamour and romance. Paris is famous for beauty, safe culture, Eiffel tower, pastries, the Louvre, and style. Elegant society and well management atmosphere ranked it in the first position. Paris is a city of love. Everyone dream of a tour to Paris. If you are looking for tour destinations you must have Paris in your bucket.

2-New York City- USA

New York is a city that never sleeps.  Time Square a commercial spot famous for entertainment and tour destination keeps hustle and bustle in the city. Giant electronic billboard keeps operating all day and night long.  New York City is known for cinemas and theater. Status of liberty was gifted by France on American independence adds historical flavor when we speak about New York.

3-London -England

London is a well-recognized tour destination among tourists. This city has a package for all interests. Big art galleries attract artists. Ancient buildings are famous among architecture. Tower of London a historic castle on the bank of river Thames and the Palace of Westminster are famous among people who love to read and travel imperialism. Big Ben referred to as clock tower shout for how quickly time is passing.

4-Venice- Italy

Venice is referred to as “The City of Water” and “Queen of Adriatic” and considers a one of most beautiful cities of world. Enchanting little streets creates difficulty for tourists to understand where to begin. Venice is famous for Saint Mark’s Basilica church and Sound architecture of Rialto Bridges and. Photogenic Grand Canal with water buses and water taxes are also spots of attraction for tourists. Piazza San is a political, social and religious spot and is a center of attraction Venice.

5-Vancouver- Canada

It rules over the mountains and the ocean. It is a city of every possible adventure. Its snowy mountains sparked with sun rays always captivate eyes. A 400 hector Stanley Park is famous among locals and tourists for multi-dimensional activities (Running, biking, hiking, and beaches). Vancouver is famous for the rainy season and offers fresh seafood. It holds all aspects of life in a good way. This city is livable and economically strong and home to billionaires.


Being a host of Olympics in the past 1992, it was successful in catching the world’s attention. It is a hallmark for Barcelona. It is an attractive destination for tourists. A strange remark is many attractive buildings are designed by the same person Antoni Gaudi and it adds value to a bucket of Barcelona. Barcelona is famous for parks highlight landscape gardens, famous fountains, and Gaudi trademark curves. Food lovers have a special place in Barcelona as Tapas (a variety of food in small portions) is served in one of most beautiful cities of world.

7-Cape Town- South Africa

Cape Town is listed among the most beautiful cities in the world. She is a complete package of breathtaking history, captivating nature with an adventurous soul. Cape town assembles all types of tourists under the same roof. This is a city of outclassing dinning. The one who possesses first-class craving for food and beverage must-visit Garden route.

8-San Francisco- California

San Francisco is a famous tourist destination and ranked high in most beautiful cities of world. Many places have an iconic touch. An 80-year-old Golden Gate Bridge is a famous spot to visit. Alcatraz is a place for rebellion soul. An escape is not likely because it is situated on a bay. San Francisco Giants is a football team and a source of attraction for sports fans. An electronic touch of cable car has given a modern touch to the city. This 150-year-old cable car makes access easy to the attractive landmark.

9-Sydney- Australia

Sydney has a strong economy backbone and a source of attraction for tourists… If you are planning an international tour you must include Sydney in the bucket list. Top places of attraction are the Sydney opera house and Sydney Harbor Bridge. A hallmark of the finest architecture in the world is highly tourist engaging spots. A sound number of sunbathed beaches offer an opportunity to inhale the nature in the soul.

10-Rome- Italy

Rome is a live example of the Roman Empire. This city opened eyes in 753 B.C and has magnificent importance in the world. It speaks for ancient times in the modern era. Stunning nature always talks to the ancient building. Tourists must stop at Pantheon, Colosseum, St.Peter’s Basilica. Magnificent landscape, classic food, and beverages and safe culture rank it high among other cities of the world.


A visit is a source of knowledge of a foreign culture. It is a source of making memories with loves ones. Tour is a source of the refreshing soul from a hard laborious daily routine. You visit, cross the culture and collect a sack of memories and come back. You remember and enjoy the moments unless the next tour happens.

Am I right?


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