Top 5 healthiest beverages other than water are helpful in maintain body functions.

A human body consists of 60% water and earth comprised of 70% water. A human cannot live without it. It provides oxygen to the mind. Water is necessary for catalyzing body functions and processing body organs. Every living organism needs water to stay alive. However, the requirements of everybody are different. Clean, pure water is as essential as air in life. Less drinking causes dehydration. Water is important in

  • Absorption and utilization of nutrients
  • Skin glow
  • Proper digestion
  • Kidney stone prevention
  • Maintain body temperature
  • Removal of toxins from the body

 Healthiest Beverage other than water:

A beverage has the same importance as food has. A drink which contains natural organic elements is far better than a processed one. The best part of a beverage is that it is less time-consuming. People generally use beverage during and after exercise because it enhances performance.  Undoubtedly a drink that contains sufficient nutrients is all and all beneficial one for survival. Care keeps you mark high and rewards you among those who are ready to take life at stake.

What to use as Healthiest Beverages:

The healthy drinks are one who has a complete package of nutrition and easy to make. Some of them are mention below:

Green Tea;

Herbs have been using as a remedy since ancient civilization. This boiled water with a touch of herbs is medically much benefited. It is the simplest and healthiest beverage on earth. Green tea is a healthy drink because it has anti-cancerous properties. Green teal boosts up immunity. It is a sound natural beverage in skin treatments. Being an antioxidant beverage it helps in the proper functioning of body organs. One cup of green tea makes you a happy and active whole day.

Pomegranate Juice;

This fruit has been using as a medical remedy. Pomegranates have phytochemical properties and mark healthiest in the list of beverages. Pomegranate juice considers a healthy drink because it blocks all harmful elements in the body. It engulfs substances which can trigger the average growth of cell into a cancerous cell. It prevents mutation in DNA. Also, it boosts up the immune system. 

Orange juice;

Orange and lemon belong to the citrus family. Citrus fruits are healthy in term of excellent digesting properties and enhancing the immune system of the body. It has fiber which is helpful In weight loss. Orange juice is considered a healthy drink because it has anti-cancerous properties, and it is a simulator of immune cells production. Orange juice is also prioritized by people who want to lower weight and cholesterol. It prevents heart diseases. One glass of orange juice covers the inner and outer aspects of the body.

Ginger Tea;

This category is section for those who prioritize tea over any other beverage. A mixture of tea and milk can be modify into a healthy beverage by addition of ginger. A small piece of ginger is a cure for respiratory problems. Its anti-inflammatory properties mark high in strengthening immunity. Ginger tea is a healthy drink because it retains anxiety and nausea and improves digestion.

Beet juice;

Beet juice is also one of healthy drinks because it directly involves in liver functioning and blood. It is a healthy drink in term of boosting detoxification. Beet juice reduces blood pressure and has inflammatory properties. It is a quick cure of activating and repairing of blood cell (anemia). It is an anti-cancerous agent and helps in clearing and glowing skin. This fresh and full of nutrition beet juice helps you in maintaining the body.

Why we need healthiest beverages other than water?

Let’s say life is going steadily, and you have proper nutrition. When the body grows, its developments requires simulator in the form of healthy food and healthy drinks. Therefore, all organic natural food and beverages play an essential role in body functions. Undoubtedly, the beverages mentioned above are helpful in as

  • Antioxidant and Anti cancerous agents
  • Strengthening immunity
  • Skin and digestive system


However, life is worth having if we keep it safe and sound. A diseased and full of treatment life is exhausting for you and people who are around you. Indeed ups and downs are part of life so heath and sickness also. But if life is not going good because of your carelessness, then t is your fault. You get a living once you must keep it active so you can enjoy all aspects of life.

/Am I right?



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