Life is in the hustle and many of us don’t think about death unless they are sparked by particular dismiss of relative or close friend. Hence hospital deathbed is a place of harsh reality and doctor, nurses and rests hospital staff hear the sorrow and crying every moment. However, death is a universal truth. The human body is mortal and hence each of us has to taste death. However, some people cherish the last moments of their deathbed while rest regret and moan for the moments they miss and for opportunities they didn’t make. Deathbed is a stage where a person actually sees the reality of this world.

5 Regrets People Make On Deathbed

Here are some cats out of the bags when people about to slip from this world to the next destination. It is not easy to accept that you won’t live anymore and will leave everything behind.

Family Regrets

Dying people have family regret. Nurses are witnessed people with regrets. They wish they could have spent more time with parents, siblings and kids. A life spent on money seems worthless. Money and fame are temporary and worthless life necessities. People wish they had gone on vacation with siblings instead of working on weekends. However, family regret is expressed most among dying patients. 

This regret is a life lesson for people who have chances to turn life points. Wise is the one who learns from past experiences of people instead of making their own. However, spend valuable and quality time with family. Enjoy weekends with siblings, play with kids, and enjoy candlelight dinner with spouse and sit, talk with parents. Never make them feel they are old.

They regret they could be a better person

Time is valuable and it passes quickly. People on their death bed regrets that they could have been a nice person at a young age. Irrational acts cause regret and a feeling of loss in dying moments. However, self-improvement is always crucial for spending a reliable life.

 You cannot cross all life bridges with the same personality. Modifications should be positive rather than negative.  

However dying people regret they did not ask apology or show flexibility in their behavior. They could have shown some kindness but however it is a learning point for us, we still have a chance to adapt good morals and strong character. It is never too late to start a new beginning.

Dying people regret the opportunities they missed

Dying people regret they should have taken one-lifetime chance, overseas job, or medical school admission. Life decisions should be taken care of. Persistent and focused thinking clears the future. However, gut instincts always tell how to behave in a young life. Vibes never lie and when you are sparked by unusual spark take them seriously. It is a life lesson who are struggler for careers. Never give up hope and choose a direction you want to go on. It is your life and you have to be responsible for life decisions.

They miss moments when they could have been more expressive in life

Feelings should express. No matter at what stage you are, always go for the expressive tongue. Dying people regret they could have more emotional capabilities but they missed chances.

However, people fear being honest in their family. They never encourage the child and never condemn wrong acts. They lack communication and do not know how to express themselves. 

Deathbed is confessional. It brings out a dark part of the human mind. 

We get life ones and we should speak to people we love and we should talk to the people we care about.

Dying people regret they could have offered forgiveness

Deathbed makes them regret unforgivable acts. Life is not going in one direction but it is also about what people have done to you. If someone has done justice, you should forgive them.  Revenge or grudge will disturb your mental peace.

Dying people regret they could have offer forgiveness to people who have done wrong and could have spent a more simple and pleasant life.

If people do bad, let them do bad, never hold a grudge. Always offer an apology and move on in life.


Death is a universal truth. One day you will say one last time goodbye and never make a return. The people who near to death teach us a valuable lessons. We still have time to make positive and productive turns in life. Make sure you cherish death with zero regrets. 


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