Vipassana is the ancient art of seeing. It is ancient meditation technique dating back 2500 years. It is popular in Buddhist and non-Buddhist. When our body is dirty we can clean. A dirty body can be seen and it is the time, we clean it. But if mind is dirty that cannot be seen. Vipasasna meditation is practice to clean the mind. One speciality of Vipassana is it focuses on natural things.

Vipassna camps do not have to chant any harms here. We just watch the breath and breath is related to our mind. Vipassana is combination of two words Vi and Passna. Passna means to see and VI means to see in a special way. Gautama Buddha is the main researcher of this Vipassana method.

The first method of Vipassana is start with Anapana. It is refer to technique of watching the inhalation and exhalation. For that the entire meditation centered around the nose. The main goal of anapana is to keep one’s mind stable and focused. We choose a peaceful place and sit in cross legged manner.

If you have a problem related to back pain then you can sit in chair as well. The back should keep straight and eyes close and let the breathing process happen in its own natural way.

Vipassana meditation is all about becoming aware of things happening in the present moment. Some camp conducts breath practice for three days.

They increase the duration every evening. This makes the meditators mind capable. If our mind is pure we will be friendly to others. We will have compassion to others, be joyful of others progress and service.

This will help us cultivate good behaviors. People coming breathing camp can meditate not just by sitting in one place but also walking around.

If we do Vipassana then the fear and angst we have will go away and our mind will be stable and peaceful. We can develop the capacity to deal with whatever the situation is, good or bad.

People frequently come in Vipassana camp. These breathing places have different range of camps from 10 days, 20 days, 40 days two month and many more.

They do not have capacity to modify it. This has been put into practice in the same way as Buddha had proposed some 2500 year ago.

It still being practiced in traditional method of teaching through teacher and student. You can try this technique at home as well.



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