In today’s fast paced world everyone seems to be competing against time and fast is consider as a necessity while slow is consider as a sin. Our brain is hardwired to cope with the demanding speed of modern era. We are living a fast-paced life where rushing to conclusion and opting for instant solution is much easier than slow and deliberate steps because fast is symbolizes with success and slowness is seem as a taboo.

 What if I told you that the quick and hasty decisions you make may solve the immediate problem and seems productive for a time span, but it can’t outsmart the judgment of a calm and calculated mind. Such approach is sure to make you a winner in a long run.

 People are tempt to gain results faster and they want to be successful immediately because rushing towards your goal seems energy consuming and survival enhancing. But as a matter of fact, it is more tiring to run at full speed in the beginning and losing your stamina halfway then deliberately taking a slow and steady pace.

 Slow and steady wins the race

You are well familiar with the story of a slow and persistent tortoise winning the race against a fast hare. But what we forget in our busy life is the importance of deliberate slowness. Although instant opinion and fast responses are more valued but deliberate slowness may be more valuable than we realize.

Take the example of product publicity the companies present their merchandise like ‘lose weight in fast’, ‘get rid of smoking with in week’, these are very appealing to modern impatient human but if you look closely opting for these instant solution won’t give you satisfactory result.

 These promises may sell the product, but it drastically underestimates the importance of deliberate slowness.

Now what if you deliberately relax your plan of losing 5kg in a week to losing 5kg in a month. Your chances of success will increase and by opting for a slow pace strategy. The changes you made to your daily life will be long lasting then the other way around.

Because the changes you made for faster result would be drastic for example eating very less and exercising vigorously these are sure to be forget once you reach your goal or in halfway. But when you are using deliberate slowness the changes you made would be incorporated to your daily routine thus leading to permanent success. You will see effective results and positive changes in your daily behavior.

Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue not many people possess in this hasty world. The concept of deliberate slowness in meaningless with out the presence of patience and persistence.

No matter what your goal is you can’t reach success if you are not consistent and patient. Road to success is very tiring and challenging only the most patient and consistent are destine to reach the end.

Patience forces you to focus on the road rather then the goal. You will become familiar with the steps involved in the process and accept the pace of your progress.

Once you have accepted this process it will become clear to you that with deliberate slowness there is a consistent pace that must be follow to achieve success. When you embrace slowness, you will enjoy your journey to finish line.

Slowness is durable:

To achieve a goal quickly people, tend to bolt toward the goal and tire themselves halfway. One thing we all need to remember is there is no short cut to success

No matter how small or big your goal is you won’t reach it unless you are patient and consistent.

Slowness may be a blessing in this regard when you are making slow changes to your life you are more considerate towards making the decisions and this will lead to more reliable solutions then acting instantly. You will focus on taking your steps properly while adjusting your mind and body according to your goal.

Personal development starts with a firm footing

Self-improvement is very difficult and tiring. it requires lots of effort and patience to induce a small change in your personality. But there are miraculous aspects of self-development because self-grooming is a compound phenomenon.

The effort you make to improve yourself in one area will also benefit you in another area for example when you focus on improving your health it will also improve your stamina and you will be more energetic in your daily task, improved performance means you work hard and with hard work you can make more money, thus paying your efforts of improving your health. The small changes you make to your lifestyle will have big impact on your life in a long run.

A common mistake people make while focusing on self-development is neglecting the importance of defining shoat term goals and long-term goals.

To achieve a long-term goal, you must define your short-term goals for example if you want to have a successful career you have to sketch some short-term goals like

  • be punctual or at least 15 minutes early for an event/ work.
  • keep your workplace clean and organized.
  • Work on your communication skill.
  • Try to enhance your social circle and networking.

By engaging in deliberate slowness, you reduce the risk of falling back to the start. Quick responses and fast instincts are indeed crucial for survival, but it can’t undermine the importance of deliberate slowness. Which is more durable and productive. Define your goals and stick with a consistent pace to achieve success.


No matter how slow you are as long as you do not stop. Slowliness is durable and you get enough time to pack up energy. People in hurry may accomplish task first but they never provide quality work. Quality come with patience and repeatence. People who understand secrecy of success always hold the patience instead of hurry. Success is not easy, hurry will make you tired and frustrated in comparison to slowlinesss that will enhance courage to cross dubious path of success.

Always be consistent patient and easy going on path of success.


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