We live in deeds not years:

“We live in deed, not in years” is a contradictory statement. This proverb explains no matter how much a person lives years, he always remembers by character and deeds. Good attitude and good deeds will mark him high in memories of people. It is the honorary moment when a person passes away. People remember him in a good way, and his absence makes a difference. Life is not eternal; it has an absolute end.

People come and go, and indeed, you are replaceable. But some of us are not. However, the absence of passed person disturbs one and another way. Therefore this proverb explains us life is in deeds, not years.   

Good deeds come with good thoughts. A person possesses soul and matter. He drives by thoughts and actions. Perception is everything. A Person’s inner controlled by the perception that ultimately forms his outer. Good thoughts and good actions compose life. A person can change a life by changing his thoughts. The key to a successful and happy life lies in good perception and positive attitude. Therefore, we live in deeds not years.

Two statements for; we live in deeds not years;

This statement can be perceived and elaborate in two ways

  • Life counts by deeds not years
  • Life counts by achievement not years

Many arguments can support both perceptions. Let’s elaborate one after one

Life counts by Good deeds not years

Good deeds come up with good thoughts. A little ray of kindness and hope in adversity can save you from harshness. It is a rule a person who faces pain unintentionally try to give others. We must break this chain. Kindness and affection are the best tools to avoid brittleness in the soul. Seek mercy and forgive others. Life has ups and downs, but it doesn’t mean at lowest we start behaving badly… Kindness and affection are highest in good deeds. The best are ones who help others when they are struggling as well. A little word or act of encouragement can change someone’s life. Admiration encouragement help and confidence covers by the same roof.

This roof is called little sparkling good deeds. We meet a lot of people every day, and some of us help us, and sometimes we help others. A universe plays fair. If we do good, ultimately, we get the best. Life has an end. Only good deeds can serve us eternal ones. The best part is thoughts and perception plays an important role.  The two people who cited here are Abdul Satar Edhi and Mother Teresa. They worked for humanity and marked eternal in people’s memories. History awards them with nobility and honor. 

Life counts by achievements not years

The maxim brings home to us that it is not the length of life that matters, but the solid achievement one makes in a limited Span of life. There is a certain individual who had a sort of life to live but perform certain outstanding deeds that keep their memory alive even after their death.  The world is saturated with people. Some of us lead the world. History recalls a very distinct person who shows stubbornness and influence course of the world. But it does not remember the people who born and die anonymously.

Some History citation

JOHN KEATS, the English poet, died quite young, but during his short Span of life produced an exquisite type of poetry. His poem “I HAVE FEAR THATI MAY CEASE TO BE” reminds us that he was expecting his life to soon come to an end owing to his being a victim of consumption. He gave the best odes to the English poetry, which are reads the world over by lover of poetry. If he had a long life, he might have come up with a plethora of poems. Life, however, did not favor him.

One could also cite the same shelly, who also died at a young age, but bequeathed rich heritage to coming generations in the form of poems and odes. Shelly, like Keats, lefts an indelible impression on the sands of time by producing the best type of poems and lyrics. These two distinguished luminaries had a short span of life but richly contributed to the growth of romantic poetry Man, who does certainly memorable deeds though in short Span of time are remembered by the coming generation.

Hence instead of longing for long life, marked by dullness, insipidity, one should have a short life but characterized by certain plus deeds which should constitute a rich heritage for the posterity. It is not quantity but the quality of life, which matters in the long term. A person with a long life but with no worthwhile deeds to his credit is like an animal just eking out his existence. His life is devoid of purposefulness. In shorts, one should aim at doing something concrete in the life that one may have a short life.


Quality always has superiority over quantity.  People born and die but some recall by people years after years. Indeed, each of us has to die. But our deeds with people may remember us. It depends on what kind of deeds we practice. If we do good, people recall us in a good way. An impression after death is the originality of life.Undoubtedly, we must practice nobility to mark superiority. Well, we are lucky that born with the best from among all organisms. Indeed, we must live this choice wisely. All and All, after your death, people will explain to you according to your deeds. Undoubtedly that would be your originality. We must do good deeds with good thoughts. People will remember a man of honors years after years.



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