Indoor games are plan to play with friends and family, where you all remain inside the home. Indoor games are essential for strengthening your bond with each other. You find all emotion flavors in indoor games like from rivalry to laughter. People have a diverse range of video games in the technology era, but still, some indoor games cannot be replaced by electronic gadgets. These are important in the development of mind and planning of strategies and maintaining focus. COVID-19 has locked the world down. We connect with our friends and family through social media.

Role of indoor games in Quarantine?

Indoor games

Now, when we all are facing Quarantine, we need to lessen the face to face contact and maintain a proper distance, which is tough. But let’s try to focus on ourselves and be the better version in this Quarantine. Also, everybody is stressing out and getting bored. Because we have stopped following the routine we used to. Change is not always easy. And very few people are happy with the change. Not everyone can cope up with the changing circumstances, and hence productivity is decreasing.  People quite bore of staying all day free but don’t worry, here we have some indoor games which can boost your energy up.  These 5 indoor games are the best in terms of enjoyment and development of skills. 

How they make you intelligent?

Games, either indoor or outdoor, are all about focus, strategies. A sense of rivalry presents the best version of yourself. You create and express all possible strategies to win a game. They boost your intelligence, cultivate your thinking, and drive your concentration. Games make you active and alert. A player is fit physically and mentally. He is firm in determination. A failure in a game fills you with hope and lesson. You try even best to win the next one. 

Top 5 indoor games for kids

Why is Chess ranked on Top?

Indoor games

This is a game of focus, sharp mind and possible way of ending your enemy. It expands the way you think. A human brain works fast when it comes to survival, and Chess is all about survival while defeating your enemy. It’s every move leave a profound impact on life move. These board games will make you understand the board game of life. Problems arising from each square create a possible way to escape from the enemy zone, and hence this relates to life. If you want to sharpen your intelligence skill, then you must introduce this indoor game board at home.

It’s a strategy board game play on a checkered board with about 64 squares arrange in a grid. According to research, Chess is focused on mental training. Many variations of this game have introduced by different chess players and mathematicians. Infinite Chess is one of them. It says that even the board is unbounded, there are several ways one can win the game. 

Why is Monopoly considered as promotion of economics?

Indoor games

It’s another board game requiring negotiation skills. In this game, the player rolls two six-sided dice to move around the game board. The game has numerous rules and hundreds of different editions. It was created in the US to demonstrate that the government, which allows wealth creation is better than where monopolists work under several conditions. And another purpose was to promote the economic theories. Monopoly is one of the indoor games for kids that clears and devices strategies for economics. Player flexible rule according to will. It does not have a hard and fast code. Players will play Monopoly as they have intentions. 

How are crosswords good for you?


It’s a word puzzle game in the form of a rectangular grid.  The ultimate goal is to fill alphabets in a way that completes a meaningful word.  This is also one of the right games for your mind.  It makes you intelligent by polishing your general abilities. It expands the sphere of knowledge as well as thinking. You try to make and find out new words with a given alphabet. How quickly you solve spends on how fast you have mental ability. It leaves a sound impact on general knowledge as well as general skills. It improves your memory, enhances your vocabulary, and stimulates your brain.

How Rubik’s cube effects psychologically and physiologically?


Rubik’s cube makes your problem solver and improves memory. It helps with the mapping of the article and makes you sharper. It has physical benefits as well. Rubik’s cube enhances the flexibility and agility of fingers. The magic cube is a 3D combination puzzle. On the cube, each of the six faces covers by six colours white, red-green, orange, and yellow. In current cubes, colored panels use instead of stickers. Normally white is opposite yellow, blue is opposite green, and orange is opposite red, and the red, white, and blue are arranged in that order in a clockwise arrangement. Rubik’s cube reached its popularity in the 1980s, but it’s still known and being played. Players compete for the fastest time.

How Riddles influence the Young brain?

Indoor games

This indoor game offers the opportunity for young minds to think over. Expert recommended riddles as indoor games for kids to make them intelligent and active. A riddle is a statement or a phrase having double meaning or a veiled one put forth like a puzzle. There are many categories in riddles.  A riddle enhances the capability of thinking. It develops the seed of diverse perceptions. An unsolved phrase engages a child’s mind in curiosity, and he tries all possible code. This sharps the memory and devises a possible way to solve a problem. Riddles’ books are commercially available in the market. Adults and kids can spend their free time by solving puzzles statement.  

“We can probably say that riddling is a universal art.”

        Archer Taylor


Games are always a good source of entertainment and productive spare time activity. So in this Quarantine, rather being depressed, try playing the games which are even good for your mental health. Let’s be productive and robust against COVID-19. This lockdown is giving us a chance to do something for ourselves. Before Quarantine, we didn’t get enough time to work on us. But now tables have turned. These indoor games affect you physically and psychologically. Indoor games for kids are best for brain development and focus. Utilize this time in production as much as you can

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