Rules are defined principles that apply for a particular sort of activity. Rules of life are principles and regulations necessary for a human being to sustain his life. Here are 5 basic rules of life that will help in survival. Human surroundings leave a deep impact on his personality but its reaction to the surrounding is equally important for survival. These 5 rules of life are the antidote for major chaos of life. It will explain what kind of challenges a person supposed to face in life and how to unwind problems. Your attitude in worry explains a lot. You either have a defensive attitude or offensive one. These 5 rules of life will understand where exactly you should be in the personal and professional sphere. 

What are the 5 rules of life

1-Make friends with people who want the best for you

Surrounding matters and leaves a deep impact more than anything. A person is recognizing by the people he keeps and things he likes. If you want to judge a person then know the friends he has in life. A successful person always keeps loyal stable and positive people in the core.

If you cannot introduce your friend with the daughter’s father or son then why are you keeping him as a friend? Surround yourself with motivated and inspired people. The ones are best who want to see best in you. A good loyal friend is a priceless asset.

You must surround yourself with good positive people who leave a good impact on personality. Good people are good for mental health and can do a lot in the journey of success.

2-Compare yourself to who were you yesterday not today

Competition is the wrong world when it comes to people. Have a strong solid competition with yourself first not others. Make improvements every day that will lead you to success. 

Compare your today with yesterday and see are they having difference, or did you improve today. Make every day gradual better. Slow improvements are better than being sharp still. Life is not a race against anyone. It is a challenging trek and every time you access the next level you need a improve version. Life demands improvement.

You cannot climb all the levels with the same criteria of abilities. You need to develop new and ratified old. Before competing with anyone else just make sure the first competitor is you against yourself.

3-Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world.

Superficial judgments and critics are a waste of time if you have the same lag factor and flaws that a system has. Before you judge people make sure you don’t have hazardous elements. You cannot mark society as a pile of garbage if your house is unclean and full of trash.

You need to observe first yourself and your surrounding before pointing out anyone else.  Destructive Judgments can hurt sentiments especially if they are coming from the person who is incompetent and indecent.

 If you want to advise someone make sure you will take a constructive approach not destructive. Your sole aim is to tell someone how they need to cope with flaws instead of criticizing flaws. 

4- Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t know.

Communication has four pillars listening writing reading and speaking. If you want to learn first you need to listen. There should always a roof of improvement irrespective of how much perfect you are. If you are communicating with someone you need to listen too.

You cannot talk all the time without considering what someone has to say. Listening is the gesture of acceptance for diversity. In this world every person is distinct and hence his experience is different too.

Therefore to have a healthy conversation you need to speak and listen. Because every person on this planet has something to teach you. 

5- Tell the truth or at least don’t lie

What goes around comes around is a famous proverb. If you tell a lie indeed you will get a lie. Speaking truth is a hard choice but the right choice.  Do not tell a lie.

It can hurt someone and will mark you as disloyal. If you are in an awkward position where you are unable to speak truth then you also not supposed to tell a lie. Say nothing and have discrete silence. Honesty is a solid ground to be successful in life.

You need to be honest with yourself and with people. Honesty comes first. Transparency comes with honesty. Truth and courtesy are attributes of successful people and the ground element of success. 


These 5 rules of life are helpful in maintain and sustain life on earth. If you want to live a peaceful happy life then never chase toxic people with bad character.

Always go and develop good qualities. Spend valuable time alone. Invest time in adopting healthy habits. You get a life once therefore you need to spend it wisely. Try to cover personal and professional spheres in simple decent honest manners. Be good and kind to people.

Have a good company. Never rush in a race but in a competition with yourself. Gradual improvements every day will mark you high among others. Life offers the best to those who face life challenges.

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