We must take healthy foods best against Coronavirus(COVID-19).Foods actually don’t satisfy your hunger but you build your defense system and strength. Food is nothing but merely the components necessary to maintain the body. Everyone is much more conscious and careful in taking food because of the horror coronavirus has parked in people. Everyone is trying best to be safe and healthy. Worldwide, self-isolating measures and healthy food is been applying since massive death has recorded. Coronavirus has a tendency to grow and destroy weak immune bodies. Symptoms of coronavirus are different in different people. They are according to age group or immune strength. Children and the old age group are at high risk because of a weak defense system. Once this virus enters in poor bodies it leads to lung collapse or death. Therefore take foods best against coronavirus.

Why natural food is important than Synthetic Foods?

Nature offers originality and freshness. This raw unprocessed fresh vegetable and fruit possess an abundance of vital vitamin, exclusive nutrients and minerals. All components of food are vital for vibrant physical and mental existence. A man is, what he eats. Anything that you take in the diet directly influences your health. Diet is survival stuff. What kind of food you take your body starts accepting it and this acceptance starts affecting the mind and body. Anything which is natural and non-synthetic is healthy and vital for living organism. No chemo processed food can beat the soundness of natural one. Natural food and its products are the best immune booster. All you need is to maintain a diet plan.

There are some Foods which are helpful against coronavirus and their products that you can use as immune boosters. We all need to maintain the diet as long as the virus outbreak is there. Organic food is a healthy one and a strong defender against coronavirus (COVID-19).

Best immune booster foods

There are 10 outnumbered rich in vitamin food that can prove vital against the pandemic. Vitamin C is an important component in the production of White blood cells (immune cells) to fight against pathogens.

 Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are defensive lines against cough and flu. It helps in strengthening your immune system. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and help in the production of white blood cells. Immune cells or white blood cells are defenders against outsider antigens that can or cannot produce infection. But still, antigens are hazardous for the immune system

Some major citrus fruits are

  • Lemons
  • Orange
  • Grapefruits
  • Clementine


History speaks for garlic. Despite its presence in every corner of the world, many civilized nations have been used garlic against infections. It is a vital cooking component in Asian food. Garlic adds flavors and adorns the dish. Garlic slows down the hardening of the blood vessel and helps in controlling high blood pressure.  


Ginger alike garlic helps against inflammation and chronic pain. It boosts up the immune system and acts as a stimulant for the production of immune cells… People use ginger during the sore throat and to decrease inflammation. Ginger lowers cholesterol and effective remedy against nausea.


This green leafy vegetable is rich in vitamin c and highly antioxidant. It does not only boost the immune system but it fights against hazardous invaders. Spinach is best as a less cooked form so it may be rich in natural healthy components.  Its natural raw form enhances vitamin A that is the essential cure of cancer. Vitamin A is an effective remedy against acne and protects eyes from night blindness.


Fresh yogurt is all in all beneficial for a human body. Yogurt boosts up the immune system and strong defender against diseases. It is more than enough best for the stomach. Yogurt has probiotic bacteria that fairly enough involved in protection and digestion. They also act as a stimulant for immune cells.

Green Tea

Green tea like all other above mentioned food is immune booster beverage. It helps in fighting against infection. Green tea is antioxidant so anti-cancerous. It reduces the chances of risk in the body and beneficial for healthy and fresh skin. Some herbs can alter and improve the whole mechanism of the human body


(COVID-19) has introduced flu similar to a normal cold but high in severity. People who caught infection are under treatment now the rest of the world is trying best to stay away. Prevention that include self -isolation and healthy food are adopting everywhere. If you do not want to be the infectious one you must take healthy diet before virus knocks your door

Am I right?


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