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What Are Opinions Of Japanese About Crying?


Japan had known as a superpower in ancient times and commercially is a strong player in the present day. There is a practice called Rui-katsu in which a person or assistant makes a Japanese cry to soothing their souls.  The man bringing the Japanese to cry all the time is called tear teacher. Mr. Yoshida one of tear teacher has been interviewed and said, he has been working for seven years. His job is to make Japanese fresh and relax by crying.

“I have brought people 50,000 to tears at that time. I use film, children, books, and letters to make people cry. Additionally, I use to film with different themes such as family, animals, athletes, or nature”.

Some people cry just by watching the beautiful scene of nature. The most important benefit of Rui- katsu is to relieve stress. 

Not all the tears work though; the most desirable crying is when you are move to tears. We know that emotional tears work through very well to relieve stress. 

It is not enough to tear up. It is even worth shedding a single tear. However it is ideal to wail. The harder you try, the better you feel. We also know crying improves the immune system.

People use to catch a cold easily. But after tear teacher started this work and people started crying once a week, they do not catch a cold easily. 

Crying has physical and psychological benefits. It can help self soothe dull pain and improve mood.

Some people think that Japanese had a predisposition to cry easily.  Their classic literature contains many references for crying.

These days in japan, it is harder for people to cry. Many Japanese people hold back from crying. Since childhood, we taught not to cry. 

As a result, we are grow up learning to be closed off. It leads some of us to fell ill and accumulate stress. Some of tear teacher’s clients are in self-denial and others have difficulties in life. Most of us have a negative perception of crying.

Tear teacher has a role to help people to get rid of their belief that they should not cry.

Some participant in the session has to say, they were not sure if they actually could cry. They surprised to found themselves in emotions and cry to the points where it hurts.

One Participant said;

“After all felt refreshed as I took the bath. With all the emotions we feel, crying reveals that you are”.

Tear teacher wants people to look at who they are. Rui- katsu helps people to live better. Rui Katsu has spiritual benefits as well. Some client encounters their higher selves.

Others see themselves in a way they have not seen before. They say they attain enlighten, It is important to think about why people cry. Having time to think about these things can be a fulfilling moment in one’s life.



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