Throughout human evolution, eyes have been vital to our survival. They have evolved to be round. So eyes can swivel to spot delicious prey and easily roll when your cousin talk about his new car for third time. But to get to that point our peepers have come a long way. Eyes most likely developed from tiny light sensitive patch on single organism that would help them move toward light in the hope of finding food. As the creature evolved this patch started to curve inward to better focus light.

Now a whole bunch of evolution later, what we are arrived at are two twinkling spheres that are capable of seeing about million color. This is a true fact.

We might actually be onto something with that window to the soul suffer too as our eyes can portray more about our emotions than you might think.

Your pupils dilate when you are scared nervous or excited. This is the reason why could enlarge when we make eye contact with someone we like.

Researches also showed that even making eye contact with a portrait painting set off a whole raft of brain activity. Our eyes are also responsible for another universal emotional reaction, a good old weep.

We actually have three types of tears each with their own chemical makeup.

Basal which lubricate the eyes, reflex tears caused by irritants like dust or chopped onions and psychic ones that are emotional tears. The kind that appear when you find out about someone death or a big achievement. When we talk about pupils it’s just not their sizes that varies, the shape of pupil can tell us either it is predator or prey.

Some have horizontal pupil making them more at adept at scanning.

For predator while munching on grass, found on your local goat sheep and mouse vertical pupils like those found on foxes cats and crocodile.

Round pupils are best of both worlds. And help us in active forging and chasing down prey. Which you know we totally do all the time?

There are quite a few animals that actually do a good job of seeing than what we do. The elephant hawk moth that sounds bad. It was the first animal that was proven to be able to see our colors in the dead of night. 

Their large sensitive eyes allow the maximum available light to pass through. However, this does impact their ability to detect fast moving objects. Like rolled up newspaper. Human eyes may not be perfect. Parts of them even useless like the pink bits in the corner. Our eyes are physically and psychologically interesting.

Some eyes represent symbol of sacrifices meditation and healing. Sideway glance can cause pain. And back to high school they are not wrong. Glass pendants also eye shaped are worn to protect against this evil eye. So whatever round, monolid, hooded, downturned, upturned or almond words you are probably with your eyes are always unique to you.


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