We somehow daily encounter ravens. And if we are continuously encountering ravens it means nature wants us to make understand the real meaning. This spirit animal comes to you when you are lost and need guidance. People name ravens as a bad omen and relate them to dark energies but they have positive aspects like any other spirited animals. 

Seeing ravens often depicts you possess strong influence in surrounding. They may show when you about to judge your character and life as a whole. But your lively spirit many consider negative by others. So ravens appear to interrogate your inner and your life.

How culture symbolizes ravens

History tells us, ancient people symbolized ravens with bad luck and ill fate. These depictions vary from culture to culture. Ravens represent a bridge between a human and a spirited world. They consider a symbol of prophecy and insight. They consider messenger from beyond the world for people who need reassurance about life.

French anthropologist Claude Levi- Strauss came up with theory people consider blackbird ill fate because they eat fresh flesh of other birds. 

Swedish folks tell us ravens are ghosts of people who have murdered and didn’t pay final services. German literature tells ravens are bad souls.

Greek methodology connects raven with Apollo or gold of prophecy. The majority consider they bring bad luck. Greek myth says, Apollo sent a white raven to spy on his lover Coronis when the white raven came back and he told Apollo, she is unfaithful with him he turned his feather in black, that’s why all ravens are black today.

Studies for Raven Behavior

These blackbirds have a small brain but we never consider them smart enough. Raven has the same social connections with other raven groups as human and this is specificity from other birds.

Jorg Messen and his coworkers at the University of Vienna were learning about the social skills of birds and they learned about raven as well. 

He added in studies ravens have social acknowledgments and they fight for ranking among groups. The one with higher ranking enjoys food first. They show similar behavior about social dynamics as a human does.

Picking order in Ravens Flock

Fight for order occurs among male ravens as females are not allow to take part. This fight ignited by a higher ranking blackbirds. They make a specific call in folks and choose higher-order raven and choose to show their dominance and announce them superior. The other has followed the lead.

However nondominant birds call them back in a non-yielding way and it takes series of confrontation in raven groups. This is known as a dominant reverse call. This call can change the social structure of raven folks. 

Massen and his colleague gather notes on different groups of a raven. They took recordings of conflicts. The list includes normal conflict and dominance reverse call. They also took notes from ravens that placed differently. 

They played the videos to mimic them if different riven groups behave similarly in common conflicts or dominance reversal call.

Stress in Ravens

Ravens show psychological stress by running around their feather or pecked them.

They are more stress when dominance reversal call is coming from the same sex and especially the same raven group. Because this call is an indicator of social structure change.

 Female is more stress than male. Because they are already out of the race and these social changes affect them at bottom badly. 

The hidden meaning of Riven as spirited animal

 People say if you see raven often, then you are link with outside magic. Some myths of association between Raven and human beings are;

  • You have great wisdom or intelligence if raven came
  • Dark magical forces are around you
  • When a person needs spiritual rebirth they appear
  • You need to cage darkness so light came in
  • They are also called as bad luck
  • Signifies healing and recovery
  • A transformation is about to come

Is the riven your spirit animal

Some culture believes every person has a spirited animal that shares same characteristic.

Riven can also be a spirited animal. If you observe it closely you may feel some similarity. But massive energy needs to utilize wisely. If bright explosive energy isn’t commanded well it may fill your soul with negative dark essence.

Traits of Raven as a spirit animal

Solitude- As riven expresses a solitude behavior so you are may also sharing the same characteristic. Being alone is not a bad thing as long as you can command loneliness.

Strong Fearless- Raven is strong and he embraces its actuality. No matter how society sees it, ravens embraces their individuality and hence face every social animal or bird group.

Embrace darkness- Ravens are black. And they also not avoid darkness. If it’s your spirit animal you will embrace every side of creation.

Transformation- Raven symbolizes rebirth and personality transformation.

Mischievous – If you feel you are good at pranking then it is possible raven are spirit totem.


This whole set of theories and a series of myths vary culturally. Every living organism is individual and distinct. But society sees it as it wants too see. If you see raven often you may need a grand change or spiritual rebirth. It is a message from beyond approach that directs you to command your explosive energy. If you see this blackbird often that means new directions are waiting for you as well as you are going to critically analyze your life.



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