People believe all viruses only exist to make trouble. In recent times the coronavirus outbreak has been damaging the world since November 2019. Economies of powerful states have massively suffered because of tiny surface resistant virus. This same happen when the Spanish flu virus attacked in 1918 and killed about 100 million people and a smallpox virus that solely killed 200 million people in the 20th century. What if all viruses disappeared from the earth? The facts regarding the disappearances of all viruses will shock you.

Some facts about the disappearance of all Viruses:

Tony Goldberg epidemiologist from University of Wisconsin says;

“The world would be a wonderful place for a short time like a day or two if all viruses disappear, and then we will die. They do all the essential things in the world despite bad one”

Susana Lopez a virologist from National Autonomous University of Mexico;

“We live in perfect equilibrium and viruses are part of the balanced equilibrium. Without viruses well all are done.”

Despite their importance on Earth if people find a chance to kill them all they would probably take that chance happily. But the fact is the virus is as important as all elements to make life balance. No matter if they havoc world safety their importance in natural equilibrium cannot deny.

There are massive genera of viruses and indeed not all are pathogenic to humans. Most of the viruses’ genera take part in stabilizing the ecosystem.

Some maintain the health of individuals’ organisms. Every living organism from insect to human and virus to fungi lives in perfect balance.

We are limited in our study regarding all viruses. We have much more to learn and investigate unknown elements. All viruses have some role to play, It is important for survival without any doubt.

Marilyn Roossinck a virus ecologist from Penn State University;

We have discovered only a small fraction because people didn’t look much. It is a bias we are about the pathogen.

Curtis Suttle a virologist at the University of British Columbia

If you look numerically about virus that are pathogen, it would be close to zero. Almost all viruses are not pathogenic to things we care about.

How viruses are essential for Balance Ecosystem?

We have proof that viruses or phages are essential to infect bacteria. Pagein is a Greek word that means to devour.

Tony Goldberg says

They are predators of the Bacterial world. We would be in trouble without them”

Their importance is an attested fact by a well-renowned science researcher.

Phages are the regulator for bacterial colonies and maintain a balance in the ecosystem. If they disappeared that means we would lose regulator and hence it will trigger bacterial colonies. They will explode in the ecosystem and harm the balance.

Ocean life consists of 90% of microbial life. Half of the oxygen on the planet is produced by microbial life. To keep them in balance, virus species are essential. Our survival would end without them.

 Viruses in the ocean kill 20% of all microbes and 50 % bacteria. It enables plankton to absorb enough nutrients to produce life-sustaining oxygen which ultimately balances life on earth.

Suttle says,

“Viruses have helpful in recycling and life depends on the recycling of material”

Researchers who have studied insect pests also testify that viral components help control microbial species. If certain species become overpopulated then virus comes and wipe them out.

It is a natural part of the ecosystem.

The processes called to kill the winner.

It is well true about the recent pandemic. When earth becomes overpopulated the other specie came and wipes them out. Humans being are now killed by Viral elements.

We had lost a lot of biodiversity on the planet now we have a little range of organisms that balance the ecosystem.

Viruses also help in the survival of ruminants and other organisms. They help in converting cellulose into glucose.

How viruses are helpful for humans?

Some viruses can help out in immunizing against another pathogen. A  GB common blood-borne virus C delayed progression in Aids.

Herpes reduces the chances of bacterial infection in mice. Quite a several lives have saved by using viral components.

Some viral components are used in cancer therapy. They are less toxic and more efficient and hence called oncolytic viruses. They can induce genetic innovation.


People are not well acknowledged about the supporting role of viral components on Earth. Rather they focus only deadly circumstanced pop up by the deadly virus.

A massive study and research have conducted by virologists over pathogenic elements. In recent times few researchers are stated to study viral components that are beneficial for humans and nature.

All viruses are responsible for balancing equilibrium as well as organism lives. Earth cannot be the same without them. We need them to sustain life.

 Some interesting facts are universal truth and hence the biggest truth of the universe is It works in Balance.


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