Strength and power come under the same umbrella, that is the name of influencing someone’s action. Your impact on someone’s performance is called power. Seeking power is a part of human nature. Indeed, it is also a rational choice of how to use it. Things are not bad, but our approaches make them so.  A strong always enjoy command and advantage over fragile. Power exposes inner and represents the truth of the soul. Power with modesty is rare but priceless.


Excellency lies in the balance, but the majority do not understand this. Modesty is everything in the world. A modest person is successful and less likely to get harm. However, powerful has choices enough on how to influence someone. Power is a gesture of control, authority, and command. Your giant’s strength compels the world to listen your words and obey your orders.

Decoding of giants’ strength: 


The quotation brings home to the reader that man, by nature, desire power and strength in life. He wants to acquire the ability to bring himself into the limelight. As the strong, the powerful can steamroll the weak. So man through different devices…….some desirable, other undesirable, motivates to demonstrate his power to overawe the weak. Man wants to be more powerful than electric power. That is his weakness. This applies to individuals as well as nations.  Giant’s power is the limit of authority where no other person can object to the proposal you offer and the decision you take. Thoroughly, everyone follows and obeys you. 

It is excellent to have giant strength, but it is tyrannical to use it like giant

Some states are demonstrating giant strength over weak:


The western countries, the USA, have acquired power through science, and they dominate over the world scene as the most powerful technological developed ones. Through research and development, they have achieved giddy highs in the field of technology. They have made the full use of forces unleashed by science and technology, which have conferred power on them. The underdeveloped countries are still licking the wounds of poverty and underdevelopment. Developed countries possess the strength of a giant, which they use to browbeat the underdeveloped countries in any fields. The letter appears as the trailer of the former, with little scope of maneuverability to escape the harsh conditions of developed ones.

 Role of science in developing the giant strength:

The developed countries have made the best opportunities that science has thrown open to them as a result of research and development. They have every reason to demonstrate their superiority in terms of strength and power.

 They now possess a giant’s strength, but it says that they use the power ruthlessly rather tyrannically to achieve their objectives. The USA, along with its coalition partners, used the most destructive weapons to silence the Taliban in AFGHANISTAN and ending the Saddam Husain’s in IRAQ. Most of the areas in countries, as mentioned earlier, were reduced to rubble as a result of carpet-bombing. Now the same scenario is being witnessed in Syria as well.

Which state is going to demonstrate a giant strength over world?  


There is a race of power and strength. A state considers authoritative, which is sound in defense economics and science. America is a superpower, but china japan is a second runner up. An eagle eye can see which state is going to take hold of the world by possessing enormous strength. Likely china with ever-increasing economic and defense is going to make the world in the lap. Power is mean to rule. Indeed it depends on the person it should rule in constructive or destructive ways. A superpower can change the course of words. A leading state with a giant’s strength is powerful enough to influence every country on earth


 In other words, the power and strength should not be used for the destruction of man. Science and arts must learn to respect man, which is the nucleus of the world. The second part of proposition runs in terms of “WHAT OUGHT TO BE “that is powers should not be use tyrannically by those who poises it. We should only appeal to them but intoxicated with power. They are not prone to listen to moral appeals. It was action who says, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” power is used as a giant. You cannot prevent man from using power nakedly.

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