Healthy breakfast foods can enhance body immunity and strength in quarantine life. Breakfast is the first diet you take after sleep. A healthy breakfast is a natural organic diet that possesses all the essential components of energy. They are necessary for strengthening our muscles and proper body functions. Breakfast enhances our immunity and makes muscles strong. The healthiest breakfast foods are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. Many healthy breakfast recipes have been designed.

Healthy Breakfast

 A fresh healthy full of nutrition breakfast is vital in starting our day. A healthy breakfast provides enough power to the brain and body and keeps them active and fresh. A lean dull mind is unlikely to perform laborious chores of daily routine. Therefore the healthiest breakfast is essential in everyday programming. Eat something healthy which keeps your day healthy. A life full of health is a life full of wealth.

A healthy breakfast easy to make and requires commercially available ingredients. You can make every morning active and sharp with little consideration. A healthy breakfast also helps in losing weight. Worldwide, people are searching for what is healthy breakfast in quarantine for boosting up immunity.

Why a healthy breakfast is necessary for quarantine?

The terror of being the next victim of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is targeting us. COVID-19 is a type of influenza virus associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS.WHO has recommended social distancing to prevent coronavirus attack. This virus attacks the weak immune system lead to lungs collapse and eventually to death. But people who practice social distancing can prevent it. But still, they need a strong immune system to cope with the terror of COVID-19. Our careless behavior is already marking us as immunodeficient individuals. Quarantine is the best span to make oneself strong and immune. A little consideration of a healthy breakfast can build a strong defense system against foreign invasion.

Healthy Breakfast

What is the recipe for a healthy breakfast?

Healthy breakfast recipes are designed to provide vital nutrients. This below-mentioned recipe can enhance immunity as well as improves digestion.

Oats½ cup
Milk1 cup
Banana½ mashed banana
Berries6 to 8
Almond4 grounded
Honey½ tablespoon
Chia seeds½ tea spoon

 Recipe of healthy breakfast

  • Add one cup of oats, one cup of milk, ½ tea spoon of chia seeds and 4 grounded almonds in a bowl.
  • Mix them thoroughly
  • After mixing, microwave them for two to three minutes
  • Add a half of mashed banana, ½ tablespoon of honey in the preexisting mixture.
  • Mix them thoroughly
  • Again add rest of banana and mix it thoroughly

It will take hardly 10 minutes to prepare healthy breakfast food.

Why these ingredients are necessary for a healthy breakfast recipe?


Healthy breakfast recipes are designed with highly enrich nutrient ingredients. These ingredients can provide an excessive amount of energy which is required in starting our day. Laborious work drains the energy of mind and body therefore enough energy is essential in performing everyday functions. Sound health consists of sound body organs. A natural diet with sufficient exercise redirects all body organs. In the era of the pandemic, we should take the approach of a pure and healthy diet. Above mentioned recipe is helpful in maintain body organs as well as the number of hormones. They repair damaged cells to replace old cells and enhance the production of new cells.

Benefits of healthy ingredients.

Natural ingredients are full of health. When healthy ingredients in the fine quality mix together they perform even better. Always take breakfast which is rich in proteins (building blocks), fibers (improve digestion) Vitamins (enhance immunity).

Oats: They help in losing weight, controlling blood sugar and being antioxidant prevents the accumulation of harmful carcinogenic agents.

Milk: It helps in maintaining blood pressure and being a rich source of protein they help in building muscles.

Almond: They help in controlling sugar level, blood pressure losing weight and reducing hunger. Almonds are important for the proper functioning of the human brain and decreasing cholesterol levels.

Banana:  A single banana is a source of manganese, vitamin C, potassium and helpful for skin, good digestion, heart functioning and reducing fats.

Honey: it is a sound cure for flu. Honey is an anti-carcinogenic agent and improves the function of heat. It also helps in digestion and reduces the chances of ulcers.

Berries: They help in losing weight and controlling insulin. Bananas are rich in fibers and improve digestion. They are antioxidants and enhance immunity against foreign invasion.

Chia seed: These edible seeds are rich in fibers, calcium, iron and help in digestion, improving immunity, controlling blood sugar level. Being antioxidant they act as an antidote for cancerous agents.


Healthy breakfast ideas designed by nutritionists are full of energy and health.  A pack of sound healthy breakfast recipes can improve outer and inner body condition. A little consideration of healthy breakfast foods can change health graphs in a couple of days. These healthy foods are good for boosting immunity as well as strengthening muscles. Healthy breakfasts are easy to make and energetic to take. People with sound healthy are likely to live life in open ways. Health is wealth. A specific span of life should be enjoying in a sound manner instead of treatments and medicine. A life of prevention is better than a life of treatments. Care and responsible approaches can help you with avoiding doctor’s appointments. Quality over quantity should prefer. Excessive eating is not necessary but the right eating is valuable.

Are you going to take a healthy breakfast from now?

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